Bangladesh National ID Card Free Download

Bangladesh National ID Card Free Download 2023

As a citizen of Bangladesh, those of you who want to download National ID card for free, let me first say that if your ID card information is registered and if it is more than six months, then it will definitely be possible to download it for free. There are many people who have registered voter ID card information long ago and till now do not understand how to use it after collecting voter slip

number or ID card number in any other way due to not getting original documents of voter ID card. So for your convenience today I will tell you the detailed rules to download voter ID card on our website and if you can read this post then at the end you will understand how to download Bangladesh National ID card PDF file and use it for various organizational purposes.

Voter ID card is a very important thing and the work of voter ID card plays a very important role in our life. However, after registering the voter ID card information, even if it is not given immediately, everyone is kept waiting for digital and smart voter ID card to be issued. Many people have registered their information roughly five to ten years ago and have not received the voter ID card till now,

wondering when it will be available and if it will be available at all. However, if you need the voter ID card urgently, download its PDF file and print it. I will ask you to follow the rules below as you can use it for various institutional purposes.

First of all when you download Voter ID Card you will be introduced to an official website called NID Service and through this official website your PDF file can be downloaded providing specific information stored there. So here is the official website link of NID Service . Copy this link from here and use it directly in the Google Chrome browser and if you can visit the official website, you will be presented there, you must first select the register option if you do not have an account.

When you choose Register option, we will ask you to follow very easily and use your voter ID card number or voter information registration slip number to register. If you can’t provide any information then you can’t go to the next step and you can’t follow any procedure to download free voter id card. Considering all aspects, for your convenience, we suggest that you collect this information and if you collect the voter slip number of the person who has the voter slip number at the time of registration, then you can download the voter ID card on an emergency basis for later use.

After providing any of the above mentioned information, you will provide your date of birth information very nicely from there and after providing this information, understand the captcha code given below well first. If the number is given then you have to type the number and enter the exact same captcha code there using English lower case letters and upper case letters.

In this way you will finish the first page and go to the next page where you will have to provide the address information to download the PDF file of your voter ID card. There is an opportunity to select the information especially from your department to the local level and there will be no problem as you will select each information in stages and you will not have to fill the information by hand. Thus you will be asked to provide the address information accurately and once the address information is provided you will go to the next page where you will be shown a masked mobile number.

Actually this mobile number has been used while registering the information you have registered and if someone has registered the information on your behalf then that person has used the mobile number. It will tell you to use the send message option under this mobile number. That is, if you click on the send message option on your phone, then an SMS will come and you will have to enter the OTP code on the website through the SMS. If you no longer have that number active and if you realize that the number is not yours, then you can easily go to the Change Number option and click on the option to send a message using an active number that you have there.

Then you have to use the SMS of the OTP code that was sent to your phone and after using the number, you will be shown some instructions when you go to the next step. Finally, a QR code will be shown there and you can go to the gallery and take a screenshot and save only the part of the QR code by cropping. Then following the instructions there, I will tell you to download the software called NID Wallet from Play Store and when you download and open this software, first of all you will be directed to use the QR code you have cropped there.

So you have to display the face of the person whose voter ID card you will download after using this cropped code and there is no option in this case so you have to go to the next step using the correct information. Moreover, since it is very important to rotate the face in which direction, you have to do the work according to the demo that will be shown there. Then you will be returned to the website after completing the work there and here it will ask you to use the unique user ID. In case of using unique user ID, you can certainly set the user name by writing English letters and digits there.

Then you will set the password there and save the password as you will need to use this password every time you login. Then when you have created your complete profile in this way, you will be shown a profile with the photo taken at the time of voter ID card photo. Now you will go down and if you click on the download option that is there, you will be able to download the PDF file exactly like the original documents of your voter ID card and open it through any apps and use your PDF file. We think that through this question you have understood the rules to download voter id card completely free as a citizen of Bangladesh.

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