Bangladesh Nid Application Form

Bangladesh Nid Application Form 2023

Through this post I will inform about how to fill NID card application form for all the people born in Bangladesh and going to make Bangladesh National Identity Card. Those who have completed 18 years of age and have birth registration certificate can apply online at present and when your voter information is registered you can fill the voter form if you want this information.

Moreover, many times due to our ignorance the registration of voter information ends up and later we use online to register the information. So an attempt will be made to inform you how to fill the Voter ID card application form online and based on this information you can easily apply online without submitting the application form and get the Original Smart Voter ID by providing the photograph and signature later. You will get the card.

New voters who are going to register for voter registration should submit the information online at any time regardless of the time required and must be correct in providing the information in this case. Because if you fail to input the correct information then your voter ID card Mistakes will be wrong and it is very important as an identity card has the opportunity to be used in various institutional functions so no informational mistakes can be kept here. So you can understand that we are giving this information here for you in this context and based on this information many people are registering voter ID card information.

At present Bangladesh Election Commission Service has opened an official website called NID for us and here they are providing various services related to voter ID card through online. So to get the application form or to input the application format information, the website link you will visit is That is, by using this link, you can easily go to the website and go there and select the second option that you will get, that is, the application option for registering new information. Then a completely new page will appear in front of you and from there fill all the steps required to register your voter ID card information or country information.

First of all you have to provide the correct English name that you want to have on your voter ID card there and after providing the name you have to provide the date of birth information. After you provide your date of birth information here fill the captcha code given below and you have to input each information correctly by following the format given by the captcha code. Then go to the next page and it will ask you to provide a mobile number and this mobile number must be the voter registration person’s number or an active mobile number.

As soon as you provide the mobile number, an SMS will be sent to that mobile phone and you have to enter the 6 digit OTP code from 105 on the website. In this way you can create an incomplete profile on the website by providing roughly three to four details and after entering your own profile you now have to input the details step by step. You will get three options for registering information on the website namely personal information, address information and other information.

So you will now fill the information step by step and before filling the information, first of all I will tell you that the information of all the cells which are marked with a small red star must be provided compulsorily. That is, if you do not fill the details of the rooms marked with red star, your application will not be completed and you will not be able to submit the application form.

Now you have to go to the personal information room and fill all the information that will be there and you have to provide the information of the guardian starting from the name in Bengali. That is, if we can provide all the information that will be sent, it will be very good and if we cannot provide it, then it will be better to collect the information and fill in the correct information.

Next go to address information room and there you will start filling the addresses step by step starting from your category to the permanent appointment level in the current address room. Then you have to provide your permanent address so that you can receive your voter ID card through that address and based on that address your voter ID card smart copy is issued. Then when you go to other information room you have to mention your blood group there and you must fill in your educational qualification as well as other information that will be discussed.

Thus stage wise you have to pay application fee of Tk 230 after inputting each information correctly. In this case, you can pay this money through mobile banking and if you pay against the mobile number you have provided, the money will be deposited in your account and that money will be accepted as application fee. Then you have to go next to get and upload your voter ID card information to register birth registration certificate and secondary examination certificate within the specified resolution on the website.

In this way, you can complete all the work of registration of voter ID card information through online and as the work of the form has to be provided step by step, you should consider it very important to fill the information correctly without taking any pressure. In this way, after completing the tasks, if you see that there are no mistakes in the application form, then the application will be accepted on the official website of Bangladesh Election Commission only after submitting it, and after considering your application, you will have to go directly to the local server station to do some other work.

Especially after registering your voter ID card information you have to provide your fingerprint and signature and photograph in the biometrics system. Instead of going to your local server station and accepting it separately on the same day, when many applications are submitted, the specific date will be announced and you will be notified by

SMS on your phone and you will visit the server station on that day and provide your photograph, signature and fingerprint. I hope that through this post you have understood the tasks of registering voter ID card information and as there is a matter of filling this form through online, you have been told how to do the work directly through online without teaching the rules of filling the form in the form of PDF file.

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