Bangladesh Nid Card Download

Bangladesh Nid Card Download 2023

As a citizen of Bangladesh if you need to download NID card then you can download it after registering the information on the official website called Service NID which is made for public. But to download NID card there are several information you have to provide and in this post today we will discuss about which information to provide and how to provide it besides providing specific link.

So after registering the information those who are waiting for a long time and have the voter slip in hand or those of you who managed to collect ID card number through the voter slip must follow the below rules to download its PDF file. How immense the need of NID card is in daily life can be understood only when we go to various institutional functions, where NID card information is given more priority than birth registration certificate.

Normally you can apply for NID card if you complete 18 years of age and currently registration of information is started in advance to get smart NID card on completion of 18 years. If you have registered your NID card information and have not received this NID card till now as you will receive Smart ID card then you have to follow the proper rules. In other words, to download the PDF file of NID card to solve various necessary tasks on an urgent basis, you must go to the official website of Service NID and download the NID card by providing the information there.

As a citizen of Bangladesh, when you will not get the NID card after waiting for a long time, who can tell you that if you have its information, you can definitely download it. We are here for you to download NID card
I will tell you to use this link and by using this link you can directly go to the home page of the official website of Service NID. Go there, the first option you can see, that is, it will say account, if you don’t have one, then you will register. In this case, if you click on the register option, a blank page will appear in front of you and by providing the information of that page, other blank pages will appear later.

First of all you will input your NID card number there and if you don’t have NID card number then give the number given to you in a slip form while registering voter information. Now many of you may say that you have lost that information or you don’t have the NID card number. Then you will not be able to download the paper laminating version of NID card i.e. voter ID card online which contains smart ID card number. So in simple terms if there is any information in these two information then you need to follow the next steps or not.

If your voter slip is lost, then if the voter slip of the person who registered the information with you remains, then you can search by number from there. And here an important thing is that you will first go to play store to download NID card PDF file and from there you will be shown the software by typing NID wallet and then you will download the software very easily. Because you can use the camera through this software for facial recognition and if the software has given instructions to download the original owner of the NID card, then it will surely give you the opportunity to download it.

Now after giving you NID card number or voter slip number according to the rules mentioned above go down and fill the date of birth information step by step. If the date of birth information you fill is one digit then give zero before it and give completely correct information. Then you have to understand the captcha code provided by the website and enter the digit or the English letter given there correctly on the website and then go there by clicking the submit button or the next step.

Now you have to provide the address information as per rules and here you have to select from the options instead of manually providing the information. You will provide the details starting from your respective department, district name and upazila name and any other information required. But it is better to say here that if you do not provide all the information correctly or if you provide any information incorrectly, you will not be able to download your NID card and in this case you will have to exit the website. On the next page, a mobile number will be shown and if the mobile number is known and active, click on send message option.

If that mobile number is not known to you or if you are not using it even after being known, then change the number as a 6-digit OTP code will be sent to that number. You can give a number of your choice to which you can collect very easily by sending an SMS to the number. But for the convenience of getting six digital OTP codes, you will use it there and after entering the code on the website, you will be given detailed information about the NID wallet software when you go to the next page.

You can take a screenshot of the QR code that is being shown there and crop it in the gallery so that you can scan the cropped QR code as soon as you enter the NID wallet. We have already told you to download the software called NID Wallet. Now after opening it you must scan the QR code whose NID card you are downloading by rotating his face from left to right. You will be notified when the task there is completed and you will be returned to the website.

Now you will set your unique username and password from the website. Since the unique user name is mentioned, you will set a name very nicely using digits and English letters and provide the password in such a way that it is convenient for you to login later. Thus when you can open a complete profile, there will be a profile with your voter ID card image and a download option will be shown at the bottom of the profile. Now, if you click on the download option, the PDF file of your voter ID card will be downloaded and you can view the NID card by opening it through any software.

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