Bangladesh Nid Card Picture Download

Bangladesh Nid Card Picture Download

If you have visited this post on our website about changing your NID card picture after becoming a citizen of Bangladesh, then in this post we will tell you how to change NID card information and other things. We will use this online medium as applications are being made for various important jobs related to NID card through online.

We have to fill an application form before going to the nearest Upazila Election Commission so that we can easily change the NID card information or picture. Although there is an opportunity to submit the written information through online application and in this case you can directly contact the Upazila Election Commission office only at the time of collection, still you have to do this photo change by filling the form.

So for your convenience in today’s post we will only show you how to change NID card image or if anyone is confused about NID card image then you can apply to change the entire image by following the correct rules. Those of you who have visited here will be able to understand if we can provide detailed information about changing NID card photo and if you

apply accordingly and submit it to the Election Commission office, they will give you a specific day or date for taking the photo. So if the picture is not as you like or if the face does not match with the picture, then you can definitely apply for correction.

Usually you have applied for NID card information long ago and in between your face has changed a lot. When you provide it in various institutional functions, you may hear that your face does not match with your photo. So in order to avoid such confusing situations, you can easily apply for photo change without correcting other information based on the fact that the face has changed. If you want to know how much money can be spent if you want to apply for photo change, then I will tell you that you can apply for only 230 rupees.

So about correcting your photo we will inform here that many times people register NID card information and provide photo when they are still young and need to correct this photo later. Because if people suddenly become fat due to eating habits and other problems, then the shape of the face changes, and in the case of men, due to this change in shape, many times they have to face various problems. Considering all aspects as a conscious citizen, if you want to change this photo, then you can do this online at home by paying a fee of just 230 rupees, and you can also do it from outside and submit it directly to the server station.

Now we will start providing detailed information about this photo change for you and it will be great if you can apply for photo change or collect application form by following certain rules. For this purpose, apart from sharing the link below, I will tell you how to download the application form using that link and what information to provide in the application format. Therefore, read this post to the end to know the detailed information about photo change correctly and we will It will benefit you a lot if you let us know.

As the work related to correction of NID card information is currently being completed through the official website called Service NID, first of all you have to fill or download the application form through this official website. In case of any type of written information change, the application process is completed only after inputting the information directly on the official website and submitting it. But as the work of changing the picture is done directly by the office of the local upazila election commission, you have to fill this application form offline and download it from the Service NID official website to collect the form.

If you want to use this service NID official website link That is, if you can copy this link exactly and visit the official website, then you will go to the download option from the menu option on the top right. If you go to the download option, you will be given the opportunity to download the application form for correction of information and the application form for re-issuance of lost NID card. From here you will go to the data correction form room and if you can download it in pdf file form then take a print out and after printing out you have to input the data correctly.

After viewing your application form, you must mention the name of the applicant and the ID card number of the NID card owner who wants to change the information or photo must be given there. In this way all the work to correct your ID card information will be done there and correct all the information that needs to be corrected. Although there are options to correct various types of information, as there is no option to change the image, you will directly go to the “other” option below and write the application you are applying for in the context of image change.

Then, if you are asked for more information or detailed information with signature, give it and after giving it, you have to fill the challan form online or offline for Tk. 230. If you want to do it online, you can visit the official website of e-challan online to your NID card number and pay the application fee for photo change and print it out. And if you want to do it offline, you can download it online, print it, provide the correct information, go to any bank branch, pay the application fee, collect the receipt of the challan fee and go directly to the server station.

That is, if you go directly to the server station with the information of the application form and challan form written in your hand, they will record your application and consider it later. In this way, after accepting the tasks of your application form, if it seems necessary to correct the information or change the picture, then an SMS will be sent to the mobile number provided by you. Through SMS, you will go and take the picture on the specified day and after taking the picture, you can collect it along with the revised picture of your NID card within a few days. thank you

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