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However, if you have registered your voter ID card information, your ID card information will be available online within two to six months. In this case, you can check the voter information with the voter slip to verify the information and with that you can collect the voter ID card number. Depending on the requirements of the voter ID card, the Election Commission is currently doing all the work related to the voter ID card at a fast pace. And following that continuity, many people are able to perform important tasks by downloading voter ID card from online.

So when you want to download voter ID card online then I must tell you to visit the official website of Election Commission. Election Commission official website address is When you paste this address into Google Chrome browser, you will be able to access the website and will be directed to register your account there.

The next important thing is that you will be provided with a link to download a software called NID Wallet from play store. By downloading it, those who will download NID card online should bring forward the face and ensure that the NID card owner follows these processes to download online. When you can open a little detailed profile by providing the information of each room correctly, then enter the profile and go to the download option below. You can download online copy of NID card from download option and you can teach this method to others if you want.




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