E Tin Certificate Download By Nid Number

E Tin Certificate Download By Nid Number

If someone has created a teen certificate then you may want to know the rules to download it and in this case if you have registered the information once then you can download it anytime by providing the correct information or NID card number. We are able to download it very easily as the website provides you the right opportunity to download it in the same

way as you can create e-teen certificate through mobile phone at home. So, through this post, apart from telling you the simple process of downloading teen certificate, if I can tell you how to create teen certificate online at home, many people will benefit and you don’t have to spend any money. So to know the information about how to generate teen certificate along with how to download it, definitely follow today’s post and we will explain it to you properly.

So if you need to generate tin certificate first of all I will tell you to go to google chrome browser and after going to google chrome browser you have to search by typing e tin to visit its official website. Then the official website will appear in front of you and after visiting that official website you will see the homepage that you can see and the home, login and register options will be arranged at the top. Your task will be to select the right option and in this case you must click on the registration option as you are creating a new way.

In the first step of registration, you will be asked for user ID and you will not get a chance to skip any room information as it is mandatory to provide the information of every star marked room here. So you have to see a unique user id and there using minimum 8 characters ie here you can set a unique user name using letters and digits if you want. Then you have to go down and enter the password and after providing the password you have to mention it again. A minimum of four characters must be used in providing the password and in this case you can use more digits if you want to create a strong password.

After that you have to go to the place of security check and mention the name of your village and in this case you have to mention Bangladesh as your country after mentioning the name of your village. You have to use a mobile number that you always have with you and you can collect the activation code of the teen certificate that you are generating or

to send the activation code as an SMS to the phone. After providing the mobile number you have to go down and when you go down you will get the option to provide email address. Here you have to provide an email address according to the rules and see that it is provided following all your policies.

Finally, when you turn to yourself, you will be able to see a captcha code and realize that there are some letters written here that are a bit garbled. If you understand then you will put it there as a verification letter and if you don’t understand then you must use the try another option. You have to click on register option. Now, as soon as you complete your registration, the mobile number that you provided has received an SMS and you have to provide the number that you have received on the website.

After you insert the code received by getting the OTP code, all the work will be done and because your work is done, you can easily complete the registration there and that text will be mentioned there. Now you have to use the login option and in using the login option you have to use the user id which you used during registration. So to download teen certificate you must remember this user id and password so that you can easily login and download teen certificate at any time.

So click on the below login option by providing the user id and password you have set there according to the rules. After that, go to the very bottom of the new page in front of you and as it is written here in English, click on that option and a new form will appear in front of you. Then as per the rules you will mention the type of taxpayer there and if he has NID card then go down and use that NID card number. If you want to complete the registration here on the basis of completely new information, then mention it and do not make a mistake to mention the purpose for which you will use this team certificate that you are creating.

Then you need to go further down and mention the main source of income. Thus after mentioning the source of income you have to select screen name and gender and mention her date of birth. Then the details of his parents and husband or wife, if any, should be mentioned. After specifying each information in the form, you will go down and fill all the information related to the address. That is, you have to fill every information on that page properly and after filling it, if there is no mistake in your information, then you have to submit it.

That is, in the preparation of teen certificate, different types of information will have to be provided along with source of income and different types of family information will have to be provided. There you need to provide several other things and in this case you have to upload your picture there. In this way, since there is an opportunity to input the information very easily at home and in the case of uploading, you only need to upload your photos, so these tasks can be done through the mobile phone. So you will do these tasks very easily and hope that by answering your questions you have come to know the rules for applying for generation of tin certificate there.

In this way, you can easily login at any time by using the user ID and password that you have created there. After login, if you go to the view certificate option, the certificate will appear in front of you and in addition to displaying the certificate, when the print certificate comes, you can print it out at any time by using it. For any kind of government work, you will be required to get a teen certificate, so you must complete it properly and provide it and you can perform many important tasks as it will act as your identity card.

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