Fake Id Card For Facebook Verification

Fake Id Card For Facebook Verification

Many times we use multiple accounts on Facebook for our personal needs and you may be happy to do this as there is an option to login to multiple accounts through one phone. But apart from your original account when the requirement of other accounts will be more and you want to maintain that account then of course there might be some trouble which might be NID card information for facebook verification.

You might not want to lose that ID card as you have a lot of important information or a lot of followers on that ID card. In this case, if for some reason the Facebook authority has asked you for ID card verification information, then you can verify the information on the basis of providing the ID card by using a beautiful picture according to the name of the ID card and the picture used on the ID card. Since your Facebook account does not match your original ID card, you must create a new fake account or fake ID card.

So for your convenience, today’s post on our website will tell you how to create a fake ID card for Facebook notification very easily. The paper laminating version of the NID card that you have received from the Election Commission through the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, you can make a copy of it online. But in many cases, even if you use other websites or apps to create this ID card, it cannot play an effective role and you fail in this case.

So this arrangement has been taken so that you can complete this task smoothly and efficiently by visiting a specific website. So, apart from telling the name of the website, if I can tell you where to go to fill this information or how to complete the tasks of uploading pictures, many people will benefit from it and can complete these tasks related to NID card. So, through today’s post, you have informed about your NID card information, so you will create a fake account for Facebook verification and in this case, you can share this information among others if you want.

Since a picture is used in the National ID card, you have to complete the picture work first and the picture you want to use must be kept within the specified resolution and if it has a background, it must be cut off. You have to use the background in the same way as the background is used behind the picture so that it looks like it has been provided by the Election Commission of Bangladesh.

To change the background of this picture, we will ask you to go to the Google Chrome browser and from this you must select a picture in advance and save it in the gallery. Then you go to the google chrome browser and type remove background and enter the first website that comes and wait a few seconds based on uploading that image, the background of your image will be completely deleted.

However, there is partial work left and to complete this partial work, click on the edit option at the top and as soon as you click on the edit option, the following color options will be activated. Now you have to select the color from the color option and make the background white as it will be best if you provide white color as the background of the image.

After completing the photo work in this way, you can easily download it and as a result of downloading it is saved in your gallery, you still need to enter the website and register the information. In this case, when you want to enter the website, we will definitely ask you to search by writing Gamitisa. Because the domain name of the website is given exactly like this, if you search by writing it, this website will be displayed in front of you first and among all the activities of the website, the first of all the activities is given that here ID card for BD, you will enter the website by selecting this option.

Since you are making a fake ID card, you have to register only the information that is displayed on the NID card instead of providing as much information as the original NID card. Especially those whose ID card should provide their name in Bengali and English along with their father and mother’s name in English and Bengali. Then you must write the original part of your name in English, starting with the date of birth and other information, and if signature is requested. Then you will be asked to provide your address information and provide the address information as per the step by step instructions there.

After that, you will be asked to upload the picture and once you upload the picture that you have edited while uploading the picture, the work will be completed. Based on this information, you will provide the information to create a fake ID card in such a way that your facebook Matches the name of the account and the date of birth there matches the date of birth. That is, you can create this fake account in accordance with all the information that is in the account or you must do the work by maintaining harmony with all the information that will be in creating it.

Based on the information provided by you, submit your application form and based on the information provided by the website, you will be provided with paper laminating version ID card from Bangladesh Election Commission. So you will follow these rules to generate NID card very easily and we think that you can’t generate them by visiting other websites in such simple rules or they will not help you to generate ID card based on providing information.

However, we will also provide the same alert that the website is providing to you that you will use for Facebook verification. If you harm any person by using it in your personal life, legal action will be taken against you and in all cases the NID card issued to you by Bangladesh Election Commission should be considered as final. So if you have urgent need for business purpose or personal purpose then you can use this facility and you will use this facility only for good purpose. If you have any question about making fake ID card, please write in the comment box.

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