Fake Smart Nid Card Maker Bd Apk

Fake Smart Nid Card Maker Bd Apk

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has entrusted the responsibility of generating NID cards to the Election Commission of Bangladesh and on this basis we register the information and get the original documents in hand. However, in today’s era of information and communication technology, we often create a fake account for

our own needs to perform various necessary tasks starting from business on Facebook. Many a times online conditions and policies instruct us to close the account or submit NID card details for verification because we don’t comply. If your account name is the same and your NID card is actually in a different name then you will never be able to do account verification with it. So if you really need both of these in actual need then surely you can generate them by following some information and visiting certain site to generate NID card at present.

If you want to generate NID card like this then surely you can use it online. Because the NID card given to you by the People’s Republic of Bangladesh government, if you can conduct any kind of unethical activities, there are other informations starting from the address. Now if you make a fake ID card online and try to harm others by using it, then it is definitely a punishable crime. So in using the ID card, we have to use the one provided by the Bangladesh Election Commission and those who need a fake ID card for their personal needs can create it by following the rules below.

Nowadays there are many people who are creating fake profiles online to define their life and do different types of jobs starting from business. Especially if you want to work as a surveyor, you are given an IP address through a fake account online. So if your account is restricted or disabled due to any reason or ID card is required to verify your account, then you must submit it to the website. Therefore, you need to create a fake ID card for verification in various online or Facebook activities. can

If you want to create fake ID card online then you can do it with your Facebook account or the name with which you want to create account. But again you are told that if you use it offline and if someone gets cheated through it then the punishment will be very severe if the police catches you. So as a conscious citizen, you must complete every task properly and in the case of Facebook verification, you can create a fake account by following some online system.

When you create fake account online you need to provide a picture there. Because when we make NID card there is picture and through picture it is possible to identify and find our face. But since you have come to know the name of APK or Apps, I will say that you can do it through the portal in the easiest and most effective way than doing it in Apps. Since you need a fake ID card, it will be best if you create it directly through the portal or through the website in an easy way, without the distinction of apps or portals.

So the first thing you need to do to create your fake ID card is to select the picture you want to use from your gallery. As we don’t have any specifics about using this picture and you can use any picture so the picture can be random. When you use a picture in fake voter account, that picture must be formal and in this case the background of the picture must be white. So, to remove the background of the picture, you go to the Google Chrome browser and go there and enter the portal or website that comes up first when you search by typing remove background.

After entering the website you will be shown an option called upload image and by clicking there you will upload an image from your gallery. Once the image is uploaded, the background will be removed within a few seconds and to make the background white, go to the color option that you will find at the bottom and select the white color and click on the OK option. Thus when the background of your picture becomes white then you download the picture and save the picture in your gallery after downloading and then follow the other steps.

After that, you have to come to Google Chrome browser once again and after coming here, if you search by writing Gamitisa, you will click on the first option that comes up and in this case, an option written as Fake ID Card Maker BD will be shown. So after you click on this option to create your fake ID card first you need to select a style and in this case you select normal style and go next. Now you have to give your name in English and Bengali to make this ID card for Facebook account or online verification. Then you have to give your father’s name and mother’s name in Bengali.

The information required for an ID card will be taken there. Then you have to provide the signature in English and you will then go and select your date of birth. Here you have to set the date of birth in such a way that you have to give the date of birth provided in your Facebook or website profile. So that the authorities understand that it is really an NID card and through it they will verify the Facebook account. Then you will use the smart ID card number of 10 digits according to the rules or you can use the number of 17 digits if you want.

After that you have to provide the address information and in this case you have to mention the name of the village and the name of the post office and the name of the upazila. After mentioning the name of the district, mention the date on which your card was issued and in this case mention a date at least one year or one and a half years ago.

Then take the picture you have given or the picture you have made to the upload status and after uploading it click on submit option you have to wait few seconds. And in this way, by following these rules, you can create a fake ID card very well and since it is easier to do these things by visiting the website than the app, you can easily download it and use it for your personal needs.

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