How to Check Nid Sim Registration

How to Check Nid Sim Registration 2023

I will provide correct information to those who have registered SIM with NID card and visit our website to know how many SIM registrations have been done. At present, any SIM card you have to register on the basis of NID card information in the biometrics system must be registered with the SIM company. This is very important as you cannot register or own any SIM without

NID card number and fingerprint. But you may have purchased many sims and after purchasing these sims you want to know how many more sims can be purchased and in this case you are interested to know how many sims have been registered using your NID card number. So for your convenience, in this post we will tell you how many sims have been registered with NID card and if you check it, you will understand whether these numbers are in your possession. If there is any unwanted number then you can protect yourself by canceling its ownership.

If the process of registration of every SIM card of the country through NID card information and fingerprint is started, every person of this country can register the SIM card. Due to the increasing day by day cases of fraudulent or threatening activities or misuse of SIM cards, each SIM card has been specifically covered. That is, if you buy a privately owned SIM card and are involved in any criminal activity without providing any information, the police can take appropriate action against it.

And for that reason, since the SIM card is registered against each NID card, it is very easy to find and identify the owner of the SIM card and take necessary measures for various criminal activities. Moreover, you may have bought many SIM cards for your personal needs and many people try to remember the information to know how many more SIM cards of a particular operator you can buy. In this case, if you do not remember how many SIM cards you have purchased, then you can easily check them by dialing certain numbers at home.

As this information is being presented to you, you understand it and if you can share the correct information with others in addition to knowing, then they will know a lot of information and can play an informed role about SIM ownership. When service booths were set up for SIM registration at various places, many people committed fraud there. Since your NID card number remains there, your fingerprint is required and in this case those who have done this type of abuse have taken the fingerprint of the same person multiple times. That is, since the fingerprint is not working for the first time, this fingerprint has been collected so that the registration related work of another SIM can be done later.

In this case, when you want to know about your registered SIM or understand which SIM has been registered with NID card then it will be very good for you. Because through this, the first three digits and the last three digits of each number will be shown, so you can understand them and from here if there is an unknown number or if these numbers are not in your collection or if these numbers do not belong to any of your family members. Then you can easily go to the company and stop them.

That is, if you go to the SIM operator and say that these SIMs are not owned by you or you do not use them, then they will take necessary steps and very easily close your registered SIM numbers or take necessary measures. Because if someone else uses the SIM card with your fingerprint and national identity card information and any fraud or criminal activity takes place, then the responsibility will come on you. So you must play a conscious role in this kind of work in your personal life so that you don’t get involved in any kind of cybercrime and keep yourself free from such dangers.

Now we will inform you about how many sims have been registered with your NID card and you don’t have to spend any money to know here. You will only go to the place where you have the option to dial the number of your mobile phone i.e. the system of calling from SIM is on. Go there and dial the number and this number is *16001#. By dialing this number, if you have more than one SIM in your phone, then verify the specific SIM card and by clicking on it, a blank space will appear in front of you to provide the four digital numbers of the NID card.

In this case, if the SIM card through which you will verify the information is registered with a specific NID card number, then this work can be done. That is, if you have a Grameenphone SIM card in your phone and you have provided a NID card number with which the SIM card has not been registered then this cannot be done. So you have to give the NID card number used in the registration of the SIM card with which you will do this. In this case, instead of using the full NID card number, use only the last four days and click on the 4 digit used button in the blank cell.

Then your request will be processed and an SMS will be sent to your phone within few seconds. If you enter there through this SMS, you can see how many SIM cards have been registered according to the NID card number and which number has been registered. The first three digits and the last three digits of each number will be shown and the middle five digits will be covered with a star symbol. In this way, you can check the SIM card with your NID card at home and if you have any unwanted number, then you can cancel the registration by taking necessary measures.

We are trying to present all the information that is convenient for you in daily life and you can check them very easily as these things related to NID card and SIM card are presented. In this context, if you have any kind of question or if you have any problem related to NID card, then you can check the various types of information provided on our website. As we have given this information here for you, please share it with others or if others are facing such problems then share it with them and let them know these things, many will be benefited.

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