How to Correction Nid Card in Bangladesh

How to Correction Nid Card in Bangladesh 2023

If we feel that our NID card information is not matching with other educational qualification certificates starting from birth registration certificate and Madhyamik examination certificate then it must be corrected. But in many cases, if your birth registration certificate and voter ID card information do not match with your parent’s birth registration certificate, then there will be no problem if your documents are exactly the same.

So as a citizen of the country and as a conscious citizen, if you want to correct your NID card, then I will try to inform you about the correction by following my own rules. While you are posting this, you must have been reading this information carefully and we are presenting this information for you, so you may have visited here to finally know how to correct NID card.

If we want to correct NID card information then there are some unscrupulous people in our society who demand more money and say that they will correct it very quickly if they are paid a certain amount. Therefore, in order not to suffer such suffering, the Election Commission of Bangladesh has presented to us the information correction issues through their official website and if we can know the information correction issues, then we can easily do it at home on the basis of paying a certain amount of application fee. I can apply.

So you must be informed that you have visited this information here as a conscious citizen and if you can tell where to go and how to correct the information or how to arrange the information properly then many people can benefit from here. Moreover, if you want to know about the application fee for correction of NID card information, then I would say that it starts from 230 taka and ends up to 575 taka. That is, depending on the type of your application, the amount of application fee may be less or more. So you can do it by paying the amount mentioned above in case of correction of NID card information and in this case there is no need to go to Upazila server station and submit it after applying.

At present, we are doing all the work related to NID card through an official website called Service NID, where your ID card information can be corrected. Now collect your link to correct your ID card information and this link is You can directly copy this link and paste it in Google Chrome browser. When you can visit the official website, you will have to register an account from the home page that will appear in front of you. In this case, if you can register an account, you can download the PDF file of the voter ID card as well as apply for re-issuance.

Again from here you can apply to correct the information as there is an opportunity to correct the information and to do this first of all you need to register an account. While registering your account, you must provide your voter ID card number and complete the system of receiving SMS through your mobile number starting from your date of birth. Then you will be asked to download the software called NID wallet and based on the face identification of the person whose NID card information is to be corrected, this authority will help you to come back to the website and open the profile.

So you must first open a profile to correct the NID card information and remember the password you have set while opening the profile so that it is convenient to know about all the current status by logging in in the future. So when you are creating a personal profile, you can do your work by entering the personal profile, and after entering the personal profile, three types of information are displayed, so you need to go to the room where you need to modify the information. You may see the edit option at the top after going to that room and by clicking on the edit option you have the option to rewrite all the information that is being displayed.

In this way you can change the personal information and/or address information or other information as per your wish and enter the information as you wish so that you can submit it as proof of documents. When you complete the application or by going to the edit option you will be able to enter your information, then you will proceed to correct your information and after correcting each information here, you can proceed to the next step to complete the payment related tasks. will be

In other words, you can use any type of mobile banking system as the payment of NID card information correction is currently done online. In this case, the application fee shown to you or the amount of application fee that you have to pay according to the type of application must be paid to the specified NID card number through mobile banking. In this case, the mobile banking that you are using will go to the payment option of the mobile banking and number 105 i.e. NID wallet or NID card payment related to the payment, pay whatever will be done and return to the web site, it will show the deposit in your account.

Thus you will proceed to the next step and in the next step you must enter the correct information to submit the documents. That is, in the case of information that you need to correct, any documents are necessary or any documents can prove that your information is wrongly recorded on the website, the names of those documents must be selected there. When you can submit these documents very nicely or after selecting the documents you can upload them to the web site within the specific resolution then you will be shown a summary of what you have applied for on the next page.

After checking the summary if you feel that there is no mistake then after submitting the application form it will be arranged to be downloaded in PDF file form and definitely download it. In this way, you can use the above mentioned link to correct the information of NID card and correct the information on the basis of providing each information correctly and after correcting the information, you do not need to go anywhere after downloading your application form in the form of PDF file. It will be corrected based on the proofs you have submitted on the website and once the correction is done you will be informed later through SMS or phone call that your revised NID card should be collected from the upazila server station.

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