How to Pay Nid Correction Fee

How to Pay Nid Correction Fee 2023

National Identity Card is something that is useful in every aspect of our life and if the information here is wrong then everyone should get it corrected as soon as possible. I will try to explain to you in a simple way how to pay the prescribed amount of application fee for correction of National Identity Card information and whether there is any other system for payment.

Also, if we try to explain to you a little about how to correct the national identity card, then the matter will be much easier for you and all of you will be able to understand it and complete the payment related matters very nicely. Without further ado, we try to explain to you about these aspects of National Identity Card so that you are able to complete the payment properly and provide all the information required for the application.

National Identity Card is one of the documents that you have to use in various fields as soon as you turn 18 years old. Many jobs require the use of these documents, so if any information here is inconsistent with your other documents, then many times your job is will be canceled and you will suffer this on your own. There is no problem if the national identity information matches with the birth registration road and all kinds of educational qualification certificates and if you find a mismatch then it is a big problem.

So you have to consider this issue and for your convenience we are informing you about the process of correcting this information so that you can understand them and apply for correcting the information accordingly. We always advise you to visit the official website of Service NID to apply for correction of information and the link of this website is That is, by copying this link, you can go to the official website of the National Identity Card through which the public is receiving various facilities and perform important tasks related to your NID card.

Usually the most important factor for correction of information will depend on which proof you present here correctly for correction of information. That is, if your problem is too big and you are arguing about something small then it will never be possible to fix it. Moreover, starting from the year of birth, changing the name of the parents and if there is any discrepancy with other documents, then it will be a lot of trouble to correct the information of other documents as well as to correct the information of your national identity card.

All things considered, it would be better if you can take the advice of an experienced person and they will let you know in the light of their experience which information may be corrected in your National Identity Card. Therefore, by visiting the official website of National Identity Card, you have to correct all the information you want to correct from your profile and there is an edit option,

after all the information that needs to be corrected, go to all the rooms, cut the previous information, enter the correct information and proceed to the next step. will be In this case, you can check how much money has been fixed for your application by telling what type of information you want to correct in the fee option.

That is, if you want to amend the national identity card, then one kind of fee will be determined and if the information of the national identity card is amended, another kind of fee will be determined. In this case, if you want to make both corrections, then you have to pay the fee that will be fixed for you through mobile banking or through e-challan. That is, as this payment system has been launched through online, you can submit the information correction application fee without wasting any time at home, if you deposit money through online instead of directly going to the bank.

So when you can go to the application fee related page on your website, your deposit will be shown as zero. Since your balance has to be filled through the application fee, you will go to the mobile banking office and if you use any means in mobile banking.

It will be best if you cash in the money in advance. You will go to your mobile banking options and in this case you have the opportunity to use different types of mobile banking options starting from Bikash, Rocket and Cash. So after selecting any mode according to your convenience we will say that it will be within the apps and it will be very easy to pay through the apps.

That is, the mobile banking you are using should go to the payment option available through the official website or official apps of the mobile banking. After going to the payment option you have to provide the mobile number and it is best to provide the mobile number which is recorded on the official website of National Identity Card.

Then you have to record the ID card number website where you want to correct the information of the National Identity Card so that when the money is paid, it is shown as a deposit on the website. Then after selecting that you are applying for correction of information you will pay the amount shown to you as application fee.

In making the payment, you need to keep sufficient balance in your account and after providing the pin number you have, if it seems correct after looking at the payment summary, then you must submit it and come to the page of your application by scrolling the page to understand it. The money has been deposited. In this way, if you want to pay money through e-run, then it will also happen, and in this case, paying money through mobile banking is the easiest and most convenient way, everyone follows this matter.

In addition to inputting the correct information for correcting the information and completing the payment, you have to go to the next page and upload the specified documents within the specified resolution. You should see your application summary once the update is complete. If every information seems correct then submit the application and download the application form and keep it with you. In this case, after downloading the application form, there is no need to submit it to the upazila server station and since this application process is going on online, if the information is to be corrected according to your application, then the authorities will definitely correct it and inform you about every issue through mobile phone SMS. will be

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