National ID Card Correction Process & Charge

National ID Card Correction Process & Charge 2023

If there is a need to correct the information in the National NID Card then you must follow the online procedure for correcting the information. As the National Identity Card is very useful in our real life, we must adopt correctness of every information to show our identity properly and match with all the educational qualifications. But if somehow the information of your national identity card is not recorded correctly or if somehow you realize that there is a mistake in the information, then you can certainly apply this online application at this time to correct the information.

There are several important rules to follow while applying and ensure that all the necessary documents you submit as proofs on the website are strong while applying. Because the information will be corrected based on your required certificate if you can’t present the certificate here then it is never possible to correct it and it is very important thing.

So before correcting the information, first of all we will say that while recording the information you should record it in such a way that there is no need to correct it in the future and there will be no chance of any mistake anywhere if you apply with birth registration secondary examination certificate. Since we are regularly presenting these issues before you, through this post, the official website called NID Service has been launched for you to correct your National Identity Card information, there is an opportunity to apply online.

Usually, you can apply at home if you want, without having to pay more money to those who ask you for a large amount of money for the correction of information and promise to complete this work on their own responsibility, and in this case, the official fee is fixed. You have to pay the fee. So you can use the fee verification option to determine the official fee. Here you will have to pay Tk 230 for general application and Tk 345 for other types of application and Tk 575 for urgent application.

So first of all we ask you to visit the official website of Service NID to correct your National Identity Card information and the link of this official website is . By using this link, when you can go to the specific page, then your real work will start there and to correct your information, you have to open a profile based on the number of the National Identity Card that needs to be corrected.

If you do not have an account on the mentioned website, then click on the register option and provide the required information correctly to register the account. That is, by entering your own profile, you can follow the rules as there is an application to correct the information by going to the edit option.

Register After going to this option, you have to provide your National Identity Card information and the mobile number you provided will receive a 6-digit code on your phone. So you have to record each and every information correctly and the problems related to QR code have been reported through another post on our website so that anyone can open a profile on NID Service office website very easily. Basically by opening the profile we will tell you how to correct the information and in this case you should try to understand the information carefully from now on.

After visiting the website, when you can enter your profile, you have the option to login with the password you set there and your NID card number. Moreover, if you have first opened your profile on this website, then you will understand that the information that is being presented to you is divided into three parts. In this case, if you need to correct your personal information then select that option or if you need to correct the information of other two rooms then you have to select it.

Basically, as every information is displayed properly in your own profile, you have to check each information and you will get the edit option by ticking the box above the information that needs to be corrected. That is, there is an opportunity to input new information by cutting the previous information and enter the correct information step by step by cutting all the information you want to correct. Once your information has been entered, you will have to go to the next page and deposit the amount shown on the payment details to your National ID number through mobile banking.

According to your application type, you will go to the payment option and send money or pay using your ID card number and an active mobile number. In this way, after completing your payment, if you reload the page on the website again, you will see that the money has gone there and you have to go to the next step and upload the necessary documents to the website. In other words, all the arguments that you can show or the evidence that you can show for the correction of the information that you needed to correct must be uploaded on the web site within the specific resolution.

Once uploaded on the website we will let you know these things and after you apply them very properly the website will show you the summary of your application. After looking at that summary you have to understand if there is any mistake anywhere and if there is no mistake anywhere then your application will be accepted through online only after submitting the application form.

However, you must download and keep the application form which gives you the opportunity to download in PDF file form and keep it even through mobile phone or print it out through any other device. Whether it is necessary to go to the place where the services of the Election Commission are provided. So I will tell you that there is no need to go directly to the office because there is no such facility or by accepting the application online, the next steps will be handled by the authorities as per the system.

The authority will accept your application based on the required documents and as per the concept of the application form and if it is suitable for correction then you will be updated by SMS on the mobile number provided by you. And through the update, you can collect your National NID card from the upazila server station

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