National ID Card Download

National ID Card Download 2023

We will guide those who visit our website to download National ID Card the correct way to download it. Because after registering the information, those who are sitting will get the smart ID card and those who have not received it so far can definitely download the National ID card online and use it for various institutional purposes. As the requirement of NID card is immense in daily life and if you want to create something in personal ownership you will need to provide

NID card information so you must collect NID card to complete every work properly. But many of us do not know that the N ID card can be downloaded by using the official website called Service NID and because of this we may not be able to participate in many important activities while waiting for the smart ID card. Brother, through this post, I will tell you the correct method to download National ID card and if you can follow this routine, you will definitely be able to download NID card.

As per the rules of our country you have to register your NID card information as soon as you turn 18 years old and many times the registrar collects this information while registering the information. But if you cannot follow that system or when it is time to register the information. If you are not able to register then you must apply later on the website by using the application option to register new information. In order to download National NID card you must collect two details and if you are unable to provide any of these two details then it cannot be downloaded.

At present, every person’s National ID card digital or smart ID card with 10 digit number has been arranged to be downloaded in PDF file form through online. So if you want to download your NID card first of all you have to download its paper laminating version and you must follow the information we will provide you about downloading the paper laminating version. In the context of downloading National NID Card, first of all we will ask you to download the software called NID Wallet from play store and you will know its various requirements later.

When you have definitely visited our website to know the closed exam and its rules to download National NID Card we are definitely the first ones. I will ask you to copy this link from here and by copying it when you can paste it in google it will be seen that you can visit the official website directly.

So to download your National NID Card you need to go to this official website and register an account with your NID card number. First of visiting the website, if you do not have an account, you will get an option to register, and on clicking there, you will have to fill in the information from the new page that will appear in front of you.

To download the National ID card we will first ask you to provide your KN ID card number. However, there are many who have not received the NID card after registering the information or could not collect its number and in this case the serial number given to you through the voter slip during the registration of the information must be recorded on the website. Now if you lose that voter slip number while recording the information then it can never be worked with and you must save this information properly.

Bangladesh NID Application System

Because National NID card information when you can provide it through slip or if it is no problem to provide serial number of slip then you fill it. If you cannot provide it in any case, then if a person has registered the information before or after you and if that person is known to you, then you can more or less fill this information here through their number. Then you have to provide date of birth and fill here step by step as you will fill every information correctly.

A captcha code will be displayed on the web site and you have to understand it well and pick the number or English letter using the specific front given. Go to the next page and there you have to provide the address you provided as your permanent address. In this case, mention the name of your department and the name of the district from the upazila to which local government department you belong.

Then after mentioning the ward number you live in, if more information is required, fill it and go to the next page to see a mobile number. If you see the mobile number there then click on send message option and that message will go to your phone and that message number needs to be recorded on the website.

Now if that mobile number is not used by you or if there is no system to collect SMS on the number then you can change the number and add a new number there. After entering a new number you click on send message option and a 6 digit OTP code will be sent from 105 number. Enter this code on the web site and go to the next page, where you can see detailed information about the QR code, as well as instructions for downloading the software called NID Wallet.

Since you have already downloaded NID Wallet, you must enter NID Wallet software after taking the QR code screenshot. Then you first need to scan the QR code there so that the camera option is activated to complete the face of the person who will download the NID card. Once the camera option is activated, the face of the person whose NID card will be downloaded will be shown there and a demo will be shown there so you can understand from which direction you have to turn your head and present it in front of the camera.

In this way, when the work of NID wallet software is completed, you have to come back to the website and you have to do the work of providing some more information there. In particular you need to set a user unique name and set a password. After setting a strong password, when you can open a profile or register an account, go to the download option in your own account. In this case, if you have saved the PDF file, then you must register the account and by going to the download option through the account registration, you can easily download the PDF file of the NID card as a paper laminating version.

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