National Id Card Registration Bangladesh

National Id Card Registration Bangladesh

If anyone wants to register NID card online then I would say that it is the best process and when you register the information on the website on your own responsibility, you can get various opportunities in the future by creating a Sangrim profile there. So for your convenience, the rules of National ID Card Registration Bangladesh will be discussed on our website.

Generally every upazila has a data registrar and the data registrar either registers data from all persons who have completed 18 years of age in that area or collects this data from door to door. But in any case if it is missed and if the time passes and you want to register your randy card details online on your own initiative then you can. In fact, they also collect the data and submit it to the upazila server station and because they upload the data to the website, many times they may make mistakes.

But when you record your information yourself, there is absolutely no chance of making a mistake and you can easily proceed to get NID card by registering the information online. Due to the current need of NID card operation, we have been informing you about NID card information from time to time and it is considered as an important document as it is used for preserving the right of voting rights of the people of Bangladesh. So, as a common citizen, we will try to inform you about how to register NID card information and where to do it, and many of you can play a useful role through this post.

In our day-to-day life many things cannot be made private except NID card and after birth it is used for important purposes in your birth registration certificate but in some cases NID card information is lost. Because when a NID card is presented to a voting citizen of Bangladesh, you will be considered a permanent citizen of the country and you will be prioritized and valued in many cases to be considered a permanent citizen. Therefore, NID card information storage or information application or registration and NID card correction issues are being reviewed regularly from our website.

At present, if you can directly visit the official website of Bangladesh Election Commission, you can see the link of an official website called Service NID at the top left. But you must use as I will provide you the link of the page to apply directly without entering there. You can visit the website by using the link mentioned above and click on the two numbered option ie apply for registration of new information. So now we will explain to you where to go and how to register the information and based on providing any information your application will be completed.

But before applying I would like to inform you that as you are applying online, after completing the online application you must pay the application fee of 230 rupees for the NID card through Challan Farm through any bank and collect the payment receipt. However, if you collect the payment receipt and submit it to the upazila server station, your applicants will receive it and later send an SMS to the phone to take a photo. On the appointed day you will go for photo taking and there by giving your signature and finger print your NID card information registration will be done completely and later original documents will be provided to you.

Bangladesh NID Application System

When you select the option to create an account or apply, you must first mention your name in English. The first thing we will tell you about registering the information is that you should record each information on the website according to your parents’ NID card and your birth registration certificate and secondary examination certificate so that you do not have to go through the trouble of correcting the information later. So firstly give your name in English then give date of birth then a captcha code will be shown there and after giving it you click on next option.

The website calculates that you have reached the age of 18 through the date of birth you provide and allows you to provide further information. So you will now provide a mobile number and later you will be contacted on this mobile number or you will be sent an SMS so that you use that mobile number so that there is no mistake. After providing an active mobile number, if you click on the send message option, an SMS will be sent to your phone from 105 number, and after collecting that number and providing it on your website, you can see an incomplete profile without a picture.

Now you have to provide this incomplete profile information and especially go to your personal information room and mention your name in Bengali. Also you have to mention your religion, nationality, gender. Fill in your blood group and all other information you need step by step and then proceed to parent information room. Another very important point here is that providing the information of all the information boxes marked with red star is mandatory and in this case there will be no opportunity to skip this information.

After providing these in personal information room go to parent information and mention their ID card number and their name there. If the parents are dead then the death registration certificate number must be mentioned there and thus after completing the first page you have to go to the second page and provide other information.

Especially how far you have studied and if studying in this case select higher secondary option and you mention a student as profession. If you are any other professional then it must be mentioned and after filling other details like this you will be asked to provide address details.You have to provide your own address and in case the present address and permanent address are same then you have to provide the same address.

In this case you have to use the code number of the post office starting from the department and by providing the local level information you will complete the application and see if there is any kind of mistake here. If no mistake is found in the application then it will be accepted by submitting the application form and the website will prepare its PDF file for you to download the application form pdf file. In this way, you can register information online by using the official website of Bangladesh Election Commission.

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