New Nid Card Download Link

New Nid Card Download Link 2023

For those who have recently registered NID card information, our website will discuss how to download the new ID card. Bangladesh Election Commission has collected this information from you but if you have completed 18 years of age then its pdf file information must be uploaded on the website within six months of registration. Within six months of registering information,

you can do many important things by using the voter slip you have received and by using other information by downloading its PDF file from the website. We are telling these things for your convenience so you can know them and knowing these questions or using these information in daily life shows the identity of a smart person. Therefore, detailed information is provided here for those who have come to know how to download new ID card from online.

Bangladesh Election Commission has introduced online application system for registering information for those who are currently completing 18 years of age. So those of you who have registered your information be it online or offline have been given a serial number after registering your information either by the person registering or online. Because the form you have filled has to be recorded in a specific voter form and every voter form has a specific serial number, this number plays a very important role.

So when you download a new ID card by using voter format serial number, you must wait at least six months to register the information. However, those of you who are registering your information at the age of 16 as per the current rules so as to get a smart ID card at the age of 18, will not be provided with this PDF file. So you have to wait and if you are too old in this case and have not received the NID card and it may be more than 6 months then you must follow all the processes that you can follow to download the NID card very easily. .

But before downloading the new NID card, we will inform you in this case as we always inform you about downloading the old NID card. In terms of downloading, first of all we will ask you to go to the Play Store and download the software operated by the Bangladesh Election Commission. To download NID wallet software, you must enter the play store and download and install it according to all the rules that you can download it there and after that you will directly go to the official website of Service Service NID to follow later. I will talk

To download NID card you first use this link and by using it you can go to the next step very easily. If you can enter here, you have to click on the account registration option on the homepage, and if you have a NID card number, first of all, you have to provide it. If the NID card number is not there, then you must mention the number of the voter form you are talking about and after mentioning it, you will fill the below date of birth information step by step.


Bangladesh NID Application System

Also in that first page you have to follow the correct rules to fill in the captcha code field and first of all understand the information given there and write it on your website exactly as it is given. After that, when you are given the next ringing instructions, there will be address information from you and in this case you will provide your permanent address information. Many people think that the place where you are living will be considered as the current address and you can download it best if you give the address of that place and in this case you have to provide it as your permanent address is important.

Once the permanent address is provided, you can see a number on the next page and if you or any member of your family has registered the information as this number was used during the registration of the information, then you will be sure whether the number is known to you. Because if that number is known then you can easily follow the other steps and if you click on the option to send SMS because the number is known, an SMS will be sent to your phone. If the number seems unfamiliar to you or if there is no system to collect the OTP code when the number is SMSed, then click on the Change Number option.

In changing the number, you must use an active mobile number and after using this mobile number, you must provide the six-digit code that you will receive on the website through the SMS that will come to your phone. On going to the next page you will be shown a QR code and when you go there you can easily leave it with a screenshot and we know that you have already downloaded it as you are asked to download NID wallet.

You will then open the NID wallet software and there you will be asked to scan the QR code as you are working with a specific device and therefore you have to go to the gallery system and scan the part of the QR code. When it becomes possible to scan the part of the QR code, you can see the demo there and only if you can see how the face should be displayed, the face of those who will download the NID card should be brought in front of the camera in a certain way and it should be confirmed. After completing the QR code part properly and face recognition, you have to come to the website and set the unique user ID and password.

After that you will go to the next step and there you will see a detailed profile with the picture taken while taking your NID card photo and at the bottom of your profile you will see the download option. You can easily download the NID card PDF file from the download option and there the paper limiting version will come with the ten digit smart NID card number and through that you can easily download it once it becomes available. So new registrants will wait atleast for six months as per information and download NID card based on registration of information by visiting website.

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