Nid Application Form Bangladesh

Nid Application Form Bangladesh 2023

Before this, when we did any kind of work related to NID card, we went directly to the upazila server station through it and submitted our application. But now in the age of online submission of this form is over and if you want you will get the opportunity to fill the information online and submit it at home. It saves you both time and effort and money.

So in our daily life, we receive various services related to NID card from the Bangladesh Election Commission, so we must be updated about the NID card related tasks so that we can complete each task properly in keeping with the times. So through this post we will inform you mainly about how to register the new information of NID card. Keep this post to know how to apply and where to apply for getting a new NID card.

If we want to discuss the need of NID card in our life then we will see that its need is immense. Because when you turn 18 years of age, according to the rules of Bangladesh, you will get voting rights from national elections to local elections. In this case you have completed 18 years of age and you need to register information in advance for your NID card. Moreover, starting from land registry, passport visa work and driving license work are completed through NID card, if you do not do this, you will not be able to keep up with the times.

So as we are discussing the benefits related to NID card for you it is playing a beneficial role for many common people. So when you register your NID card information or fill the application form, we will direct you to enter the service website launched for us called Service NID. Although we are not aware of the address of this website, it would be great if you let us know the address. So in collecting the application form, you must use this link to get it from the official website.

In fact, we are discussing your NID card related tasks in detail, so you can know about the application for registration of new information and application for correction of information. Since you want to collect the application form, if you go to the home page of the official website using the link mentioned above, you can go to the download option by going to the menu option on the right side.

And when you go to the download option, you will get the information correction form and the application form for reissuing the voter ID card. However, as the application is currently being accepted online, you can make the payment online and in this case, there is no need for you to come from home and submit your application form at the upazila server station.

But since we have promised you that we will tell you how to fill the new information registration application or application, you must know this information. By visiting the official website mentioned above, you have to click on the second option when you get the application for registration of new information. From there the process of registering your information will begin and ensure that every information is registered as per the birth registration certificate and Madhyamik examination certificate. Because you may have to apply for correction later if you don’t register the information correctly.

So when you register the information or want to complete the new voter ID card application process, you must write the ID card name in English according to the birth registration certificate and secondary certificate. After that you must mention the date of birth as per the birth registration certificate secondary examination certificate and fill the captcha code by following the instructions of the website below. After entering this information on the website, on the next page, you will be asked for your phone number and in this case, use your own active mobile number.

After using the mobile number you will be told to use the option of sending a message and if you click there, an SMS with an OTP code of 6 digits from 105 will be sent to your phone. If you collect that OTP code and enter it on the website, you will see that there is an incomplete profile without a picture in your profile. Now your task will be to complete this incomplete profile and in this case you will start filling each information step by step according to Madhyamik Examination Certificate and Birth Registration Certificate. There you will need to fill your personal details in the personal details field and both the permanent address and current address in the address details field.

Moreover, there is an option called Other and there you will get an opportunity to record various important information by clicking on it, so record the information of each cell seriously. Moreover, all the cells marked with a red star must be filled compulsorily and those without a mark can be omitted as they are optional. So go to personal information room first fill your name and fill your parents name. As per the rule parents voter id card name has to be provided and if that number is provided by you then it will be provided as mandatory information.

In this case the information of your birth registration certificate has been made mandatory and if one does not have the birth registration certificate then the NID card cannot be produced. In this way, after providing the details in the personal information room, you will go to the next step and there you will have to mention your current address and permanent address. In this case, starting from the department, you will give all the information at the local level and if the current address and the permanent address are the same, it will be automatically filled by clicking on the tick option. Then you will go to other information room and fill in what is asked about your educational qualification and occupation.

Thus, after registering the NID card details, you have to upload the necessary documents on the website and in this case the birth registration secondary examination certificate will play a very important role. Moreover if more information is requested then fill them and you pay 230 taka as application fee to any state run bank through challan form. Then if you download your application fee and application form and submit it directly to the upazila server station, they will consider your application and later call you to provide photo and signature by sending a message to your phone number. And in this way you take the National ID card information in the application form

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