Nid Bd Online Copy Download

Nid Bd Online Copy Download 2023

As a citizen of Bangladesh, when you have completed 18 years of age, you have registered your information for NID card through Election Commission of Bangladesh. We have arranged online copy download on urgent basis for those who are waiting for long time to get smart NID card after registering NID card details.

That is, after letting you know the correct website, I will discuss the details of the NID BD online copy that can be downloaded based on providing some information there. So by visiting the official website called Service NID we will be able to download NID card in 2023 following all the rules.

If we present the rules of that NID card in front of you or if we inform you then you can follow them very easily. Moreover, since the requirement of NID card is immense for any need, we must learn the rules to download them.

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh grants the right to vote to every individual upon attaining the age of 18 years. So Bangladesh Election Commission asks a person to register voter information for local government department polls, upazila elections and national elections. Because when you register your information to become a voter, you will get the right to vote and when the elections are held in your area, you will get the opportunity to vote for the eligible candidate by expressing your opinion.

But anyway the need of NID card is immense and because you can work as a permanent citizen here on private initiative or you can own anything in private ownership or you can show your identity in taking institutional facilities, it is definitely for us to collect it. will be

As we have been providing your NID card details regularly, you can know the rules to download them and through this post we are giving you

In detail, before downloading the NID card, I will talk about downloading the software called NID Wallet. Because this software has a function and in case of downloading NID card, the face of the person whose ID card is to be downloaded should be shown here by turning on the camera and through this you can definitely open the profile and download it.

The link of the official website regarding NID card services which Bangladesh Election Commission has introduced for the general public at present or the kind of services it has been providing is

By using this link you can visit the official website and after visiting there you have to complete an account registration by registering an account or providing N ID card information. However, those of you who don’t know any information about account registration or want to know how to register or what information can be registered if you provide it, we will definitely inform you about it.

First of all, when you go to the official website using the above link, you will be asked to click on the option called “Register”. After clicking on this option you can proceed to the next step and if you proceed to the next step provide your NID card details or all the information you are asked to provide for account registration.

Here we will first ask you to provide the NID card number for account registration or if it is not available then please provide the slip number which you got while registering the voter details.

Bangladesh NID Application System

If one does not have the slip number of the voter form then you can collect the information from the person who registered before or after you and register on the website based on that. Therefore, we have told you that you must provide each and every information correctly and after providing the above mentioned information, you must correctly provide the date of birth information that is being sent from you on day and month basis.

Then the captcha code that is asked to be filled on the website or the captcha code that is being shown should be understood and placed in the blank space. When you go to the next page, the address information will be sent from you and in this case you must provide the permanent address information instead of the current address. will provide

That is, you have to provide the information in such a way that if you select the name of your division, then the list of the districts under that division will appear and thus you get the opportunity to select the upazila and other information from the district. After providing the address information, you have to go to the next page and go there and click on the option to send a message to the mobile number that is being shown to you.

If that mobile number is not used then there is an opportunity to change the number and receive SMS to the new number and the six visit OTP code you will get through the SMS has to be provided on the website. Now if you go to the next page you will be asked to share the download link of NID wallet software and collect the code that is being shown or scan the QR code.

Since you will be doing this with only one device, you can crop it with a screenshot and scan it by going to NID Wallet. So you must be correct in filling the information through online and as we are informing you about these things, you can know them in your daily life.

As you are informed about QR code and NID wallet download in advance, you can know them. So you will do these tasks very easily and in the working of NID wallet you must show the face of the person whose ID card you are downloading and after the face recognition is done you will come back to the website.

After returning to the website, you will need to set the user ID and password. But in case of Unique User ID, you can set your name and a few digits along with it, you can follow the same rule in setting password as you can set name. In this case, remember the password so that in future you can login option to your own profile by visiting the official website of NID card. You can complete the login using

When you can see the detailed information with your own profile picture, then go to the download option below. As soon as you go to the download option, you will be informed about other things and as soon as you click on the download option, your NID card will be downloaded in the form of a PDF file. We think that the correct information is presented here in downloading your NID card through online

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