Nid Card Correction Online BD

Nid Card Correction Online BD 2023

If you want to correct the information on your National Identity Card and as a citizen of Bangladesh there is no data matching with your other documents, then I will tell you to follow the rules below to correct the information. The days of filling the form by hand through offline are over and by submitting the application through online it will be submitted online and you don’t need to submit it at the upazila server station.

So if you need to correct your NID card information as we are doing all the information based posts that are beneficial to you, you must see it and apply accordingly for the purpose of correcting the information. We will inform you about the application for correction of information here and by informing A to Z information, you can easily register the information and apply for correction and thus your correction will be done.

Bangladesh NID card details are being registered very nicely from now on so that there is no need to modify them in future. If someone has to register NID card information or register a new voter ID card information on the website, then they must be prepared on the basis of secondary examination certificate along with birth registration certificate and national identity card of parents. If the rules that are being followed now were followed earlier, there would have been no problem and in the past many inexperienced people have made mistakes in filling the forms by hand and subsequently a voter ID card holder has suffered.

Without any consideration regarding voter ID card, you should quickly match your secondary examination certificate and birth certificate and if the information of parents is wrong, their birth registration should be corrected according to the voter ID card. As we are presenting this information to you and if you want to share this information with others, they will understand everything and be aware of all the NID card matters. To correct the NID card information, the number on the ID card that you have in your hand will not be wrong and by using this number you will have to register an account by visiting the website.

So to register NID card information or to provide NID card service Bangladesh Election Commission Service NID has launched official website and this official website link is . When you can go to the official website by using this link, we will provide you with all the information and if you visit this website, you will first click on the account registration step that is being shown to you. The account can be opened by providing all the details or information that you have provided while registering the voter ID card, starting from your voter ID card number for account registration.

6 digital otp code will be sent to the mobile number that will be shown there and after recording it on the website, the face of the person whose ID card you will correct this information will have to be identified there and for face detection you will have to turn on the camera through the software called NID wallet. That is, if you can create a complete profile, you can easily apply for correction of NID card information from the profile below, and after entering your own profile, you will be shown three types of information. In this case, you can modify the personal information or address information or other information by going to the edit option in the room according to your convenience.

But you have to complete the NID wallet tasks properly or properly record the account registration you are doing by visiting the website. After registering your account, you can login and download the soft copy or PDF file of the NID card. When you modify NID card information by visiting the website, first of all you have to select the data cell and after entering the cell you want to modify, you will get the edit option on the upper right side.

If you can go to the edit option, you will be shown the option to write new information in all the information that is shown below and you can write the correct information by cutting the wrong information there by ticking the right box. In this way, you can enter the information on the official website of nid service as per your requirement and in this case we will always ask you to submit a proper rationale behind the information to be submitted. On the website you can correct any type of information from there or if you can record the information by updating the information, the website will ask you to go to the next step.

Since you are the first on this website, you have to deposit money and if you provide this money through mobile banking, the NID card number will be deposited on the website. However, if you choose the type of application or if you want to make both types of application, if you want to make an urgent application or if you want to make a general application,

you will be informed how much money you have to pay and if you can make the payment through mobile banking, it will be deposited on the website. . Once you see the money deposit from the website, you can proceed to the next step and select the documents you want to submit to correct your ID card information.

Credentials are very important in this case and the stronger the credentials you submit to the website, the faster your information will be corrected. Many times we are unable to correct our NID card information due to not being able to submit the required documents on the website and in this case we blame the authorities. But if you can correctly record each document there and upload it within the specified resolution, then you will be shown the summary of the application and you will have the opportunity to edit it again if there are any mistakes.

In this way, if you see the summary of your application, you can understand whether there are any mistakes and if there are no mistakes, the authorities will accept the application only after submitting it. Later, based on the necessary documents, the information you have applied or the information you want to correct will be corrected according to how reasonable it thinks it is.

Actually the number you provided for NID card will be informed through SMS and based on this information you can know how to correct NID card information. A PDF file will be provided to you along with submission of application form and should be downloaded and kept with you. Later, when the amendment update comes, you can collect it from the upazila server station

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