Nid Card Download Online Bangladesh

Nid Card Download Online Bangladesh 2023

As a citizen of Bangladesh, when you have registered your NID card information, after registering this information, I will tell you to visit the official website called Service NID if you want to receive NID card. Because even if the original documents of NID card are not handed over to you, there is an opportunity to download the PDF file from the website.

So if your NID card has not arrived or if you want to collect the paper laminating version after having the NID card and want to keep it in the form of PDF file on the mobile phone, I will tell them to follow the rules below. As a common citizen when you feel the need of NID card or when you can’t do much without it in private ownership then you must understand the need and use the voter format number provided to you while registering the NID card information.

NID card is so essential in our life that we feel the need of it as soon as we turn 18 years old. Because before completing 18 years you have to provide birth registration certificate number or birth registration number only. But when you have completed 18 years of age, you may need to provide NID card information for various institutional functions and if you do not have the NID card number or if you cannot use its copy, you may not be able to perform the necessary tasks. Moreover, we are informing you that they are being collected from online on an urgent basis and you can also download the NID card accordingly after knowing all the work rules in your daily life.

As we will give you detailed information regarding NID card download, you will go to play store and from there first download a software called NID Wallet. Although there is an opportunity to download directly to the Play Store by sharing the link of the specific page of the website, still you have to do it later. There is no problem in downloading by using the link from the website and we tried to inform you about this to speed up your work.

We know that the Election Commission of Bangladesh has an official website and has taken the pledge of Digital Bangladesh of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to provide services to the general public by providing various services at home. So to get NID card related services we must

I will use this link and if you can use this link you can visit the official website and download it based on providing your NID card information there. When you need to collect your National Identity Card then use this link and if you can survive the lack of website through it then click on the first option available for you i.e. “Register if you don’t have an account”.

As soon as you click on this option, a completely new page will appear in front of you and there it will ask you to provide your NID card number if it is valid or voter ID card serial number if it is not valid. If there is no information in both the information then it is very problem and you will not be able to download NID card successfully. So after providing any information, you will provide all the information that has been given in your date of birth i.e. all the correct information that is said to be provided step by step and go down and understand the captcha code that is given.

You will fill the caption correctly on the website and after filling it, go to the next page and select the correct option from the list that will appear in front of you to provide the address. That is, first of all select the name of your division and then specify whether you live in a municipality or a union parishad starting from the name of the district and the name of the upazila. Moreover, there is an opportunity to mention how many ward numbers you are a resident of and thus a mobile number will be presented in front of you if you provide information related to each address.

The mobile number provided by you while registering the NID card information or if someone has used this mobile number on your behalf will be displayed there. Usually a message will be sent to this mobile number and if the mobile number is with you and active then click on send message option to receive the message. If the number is not known or you are not able to collect that number by SMS, then follow very simple rules and click on change number option. If you go to Change number option it will ask you to provide new number and once that number is set you will click on send message option.

Then an SMS of 6 digit OTP code will be sent from 105 number through the official NID service and after providing it on the website, I will again select the next option. That is, without filling the otp code, you cannot go to the next step, and when you go to the next step, you will be given detailed information about downloading NID wallet. First, if you have done it through mobile phone, then take a screenshot of the QR code that is shown there and go to the gallery. Keep that part cropped.

Since you have already been told to download the software called NID Wallet, now you have to scan the cropped part in your gallery in that software. Usually, if you do these tasks through a computer, there is no problem and you can do the work by taking the mobile phone scanner there or if you do it directly with the mobile phone, it will be scanned by taking the part of the QR code from the gallery option. Then the face of the person downloading NID card should be shown and the website can confirm that the real person is downloading it and there is no fraud in this case.

In this way, when you complete these NID card tasks, it will ask you to come back to the website and come there and ask you to set a unique user ID and password. Of course you can use name and digits there to provide user ID and follow the same rules for setting password. You have to confirm the password by pressing once more and remember the password so that you can access all the privileges of your account by logging in in the future. In this way, if you open an account, you will be given an opportunity to go to the download option and once there, you will be provided with the detailed information of your NID card including its image, i.e. its PDF file.

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