NID Card Download nid-pub

NID Card Download nid-pub

After registering the NID card information, if there is delay in providing the original copy, then you can download the soft copy from online on an urgent basis. There are several rules to follow to download NID card online. Usually you can download NID card using the information of voter slip number that you have. And if you have the NID card or if you have the NID card number in your collection, then you can easily download its PDF file online using that.

Nowadays NID card is very important document for every person so NID card is asked in many places instead of birth registration. So when you want to know something related to NID card or when you want to download it, follow the rules and know where to download it. The Election Commission of Bangladesh has introduced the system of downloading PDF files as it has not been possible to provide smart NID cards in all places even though the NID card information has been recorded.

So when you need to download NID card we will directly to you Copy this link from here and go to the official website. After going there you have to register an account and firstly click on the register option as no one has registered an account. When you go to the account registration option, you will first be asked to provide your NID card number or voter slip number to register the information. So enter those details there as per rules and go down and enter your date of birth details step by step.

Understand the captcha code that is shown to you on the website and put it correctly in the blank space after understanding it. On going to the next room you will be asked to provide address information and in this case you will provide permanent address. Step by step you have to provide the local level information starting from the department name and once it is done you can see a mobile number on the next page. If the mobile number is known and click on send message option to receive SMS on that number.

If that mobile number is not used or if it is not possible to collect the OTP code SMS, then change the number and receive the SMS to the new number. Thus, after completing these tasks, on the next page, NID wallet software will be provided with a link to download. You can download it from playstore beforehand. So after downloading it install it and the face of those who download NID card online should be displayed there.

By correctly identifying faces, you will return when the software guides you back to the website. After that I will tell you to set the unique user ID and password according to the rules. You must ensure that every information is correct and unique. If you can create a profile in this way, you will see that your detailed profile with pictures will appear there.

Go to the bottom of that profile and you will get the download option and by clicking on it you can download the PDF file. Although you will not get it in smart format here, you will be able to download it as a PDF file with the digital number of the NID card as a paper laminating version. So if you want to know any information related to NID card or if someone needs to download any information about it then you can see the informative posts on our website.

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