Nid Card Name Change Process & Charge

Nid Card Name Change Process & Charge 2023

If you notice any informational mistake in your NID card or feel that your name has been misspelled or wrong words have been used in the NID card then apply for correction of information. At present various services related to NID card are being provided to us by the Bangladesh Election Commission through an official website, for this we have to apply online before going to the upazila server station.

Moreover, you will not pay more than the prescribed application fee or the application process for correcting NID card details. So nowadays as a conscious citizen, you can know various information through information and communication technology and you can do important tasks related to NID card, so you can easily correct the spelling or the wording of your NID card name. If you can read all the points that we will present before you for correcting the information, then you will not have any questions about it later.

At present it is being made dependent on birth registration certificate and Madhyamik examination certificate to register NID card information. If you don’t register your birth certificate details or use birth certificate registration number then you can’t and never will be able to register NID card details. While registering information your secondary examination certificate and birth registration certificate information is being uploaded to the website and other detailed information including name is being recorded based on the information there.

Bro you can’t correct the information you need to correct in your NID card at will and in this case you have to upload proper proof on the website. So reasonably if you don’t get the data match of NID card with your birth registration certificate and Madhyamik examination certificate and if there is any data mistake then you must apply following rules to correct the same. In this case, as much as the application fee will be determined for you, you will pay the application fee through mobile banking and there is no need to spend additional money.

Since you have to make this application through online and if you submit it through online, the authorities will accept and correct the information, so you do not need to submit the application form to the upazila server station after applying. You will only submit the information through online and the information will be corrected based on the supporting documents submitted by you. For correction, you have to first register an account on the website with your NID card number and only if you register, you can correct the name related problem or the wrong name information.

At present Bangladesh Election Commission Service NIT is providing the service through the official website, we can correct the information there as well as we can save its PDF file by registering the account.

As a conscious citizen, if you want to correct the information or download the ID card without sitting for the smart ID card, then you must use the link of the official website called Service NID that I will share with you and enter there. Here is the official website link . When you can visit the official website by using this link, you will first need to register an account to correct the required information.

Bangladesh NID Application System

You will fill all the information required for account registration step by step and enter the same information on the website as you provided during the registration. But here it is related to QR code and face recognition of the person who used to register account for NID card and once this is done then

when you can complete an account registration your information can be corrected. Therefore, you should register as the account registration issues are being informed in front of you and you must remember the login password that you provided during registration so that it will be convenient to login in the future.

When your account registration is done on the web site then you have to enter the detailed profile as the detailed profile with your picture will be shown. After entering the profile, you can easily see your personal information and here you must go to the personal information room as you need to correct your name.

As there is an edit option at the top when it is displayed, you must click on the edit option and if you click on the edit option, space will be created to write the information correctly in each information cell. Since your name needs to be corrected, you must cross out your name and specify the correct name that needs to be given.

But for your information, if you set any name as per your wish, it will never be corrected and birth registration secondary examination certificate must play an important role for correcting the name of National Identity Card. You don’t have that name in the birth registration certificate and

Madhyamik examination certificate and you are going to put a name of your own choice then I will say that it will never be possible. There is no work with fabricated information during data registration or data correction. So you have to cut the wrong name and put the correct name and on the next page you have to deposit 230 Taka or 345 Taka through mobile banking according to this application.

When the account is deposited through mobile banking, you will go to the next step and in this case, you must minimize the work of the website while completing the mobile banking or payment. After finishing the payment matters go to next and select the proofs you want to submit to the website for your name correction.

Especially the birthday registration and secondary examination certificate should be selected there and uploaded to the website within the specified resolution and thus submit your application form.

Once the application form is submitted your work will be completed and in this case an SMS will be sent to the mobile number with which you have registered an account. After submitting the application form it can be downloaded in PDF file form and must save the PDF file for your own safety.

You must show the application form when you save the NID card information from the upazila server station or get it manually. If you have any kind of query regarding correction of information related to NID card then write in the comment box. We will provide information accordingly and solve various problems in daily life.

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