Nid Card Online Copy PDF Download BD

Nid Card Online Copy PDF Download BD 2023

At present digital copy of NID card is not being provided so many people are downloading its pdf file and can do important work. If the information has been registered for many years then you can download its PDF file at your own risk and within a few months of your information registration it has been saved on the website in PDF file format. Upazila says many people do not know these things

The server visits the station day after day and inquires whether the ID card has arrived or inquires about it through the chairman member of the area. As there are options to check NID card information at home, we can easily understand them and act accordingly. As you have visited here to download NID Card PDF file, I must inform you this information so that you can download its PDF file on your own responsibility and perform important tasks.

Many things cannot be done without NID card and even if you want to purchase a SIM in your own name on your own initiative, you have to use NID card properly to register it. Once you understand then there will be no problem in NID card or you can get any kind of information related to NID card from here and use it. Anyway, if you read this post here, you will understand what to do to download its PDF file online copy.

In terms of downloading, we will first ask you to go to the Play Store and search there by writing NID Wallet in English, a software that is managed by the Bangladesh Election Commission will come up. This software will be very useful for downloading NID card PDF file and this software will ask you to download it for account registration if you can download it beforehand then you can be one step ahead. That is, if the speed of the internet connection is low, then you can download the PDF file of NID card very quickly and in this case your work will be completed very quickly.

But anyway, when you are interested to download NID card PDF file from the official website of Bangladesh Election Commission or come here to know the rules for downloading then you must
I will tell you to use this link If you can use this link,

you can visit the official website of the Service NID managed by the Election Commission of Bangladesh and register an account there, then you can apply for its information correction or issuance along with your NID card. Since you need the PDF file, when you visit the official website mentioned above using this link, click on the option that will be shown to register an account.

Now you want to register your account first you have to provide the NID card number and if you have never seen the NID card number then you must input the voter serial number or voter form number which was given to you while registering the information. Now many people do not know the number of NID card or have forgotten or lost that number in the voter serial form, so in this case they ask whether the NID card can not be downloaded. In this case, if any person before or after you has registered the information as an acquaintance, then if they have the voter format from the serial number, then collect it.

Bangladesh NID Application System


If the person has registered the information before you then decrease by one visit or if he has registered read then you increase by one digit. How you will complete the task by providing an approximate number, then you will need to provide your date of birth information and the captcha code provided on that web page to understand the cup of chocolate well. Correctly and accurately, when you can see the captcha, then if you record it on the specific page of the website, you can go to the next page and fill the information there.

When filling the information on the next page, you will be asked to provide the permanent address information and there is an opportunity to fill each information through the option, so there is no need to provide any information separately by hand. You have to provide the address information accurately and after providing the permanent address information, on the next page you will see a mobile number to which you will be directed to send messages. Since you know the number to send that message, then you must send the message and the SMS that will come to your phone and the 6 digit OTP code that you will receive through the SMS must be given on the website.

If that number is not known or you are not using that sim card or there is no system to collect 6 digit otp code when sending sms then you must change that number and follow the same system by setting a new number and send message option. . When you go to the page after completing this task, you will be shown various information about the QR code and will be asked to download the software called NID Wallet. You have already downloaded the NID wallet, so someone else will take a screenshot of the part of the code and then go to your gallery and crop that part.

Open the NID wallet software and there you will be asked to scan the QR code. If you scan the Q&A quote that you have cropped in the image option, you will be able to download it by showing the face of the person who can complete all the tasks that you have done on the website. In this case, how to show that person’s face will be shown there through the demo and you will not have any problem if you can identify the face on the website by following that rule. With facial recognition, you can complete the task and return to the website.

Back to the website it will actually ask you to set the username and password and this password will play an important role for later logins so be sure to save it in your personal diary. In this way, when you open a profile, go to the bottom of your profile and click on the download option that will be shown to you to download its PDF file. Although it is not designed like a smart ID card, its paper laminating version with ten digit smart NID card number can be downloaded there which can be downloaded as a PDF file and used for various purposes. thank you

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