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Welcome to our website today to those who visit our website to download online copy of NID card. Because our website will help you in this regard and inform you how to download online copy of NID card from specific website. It is very important for you to have National Identity Card as the use of National Identity Card has increased tremendously as a citizen to provide identity in real life.

NID Card Online Copy Download

And due to the fact that everyone has an Android handset in their hands, if you leave a soft copy or PDF file of the NID card, it can be printed out from any online service store at any time. So today for your convenience I will tell you how to download the online copy of NID card from the official website of Election Commission.

When you complete 18 years of age, you have to register the information for voter ID card. After registering the information, when you get the national identity card, you can use it to provide your personal identity in various institutional areas. Especially when you are under 18 years old, many important things are important in providing your personal identity with birth registration certificate and secondary and high school certificate. Work can be done. But when you get voter ID card it is very important for you and it acts as your main identity card.

So here I will teach you the rules to download this NID card and in this case it is necessary to know your NID card number. If NID card is not with you then you can use alternative method in this case. You can visit the website to check the voter ID card and download it from the website especially using the voter form number which was provided while registering your information. So now I will discuss here how to download online NID card using online.

First of all you have to go to this website to download online copy NID card and here you have to register an account for a NID card. However, you need to fill the NID card number or voter information registration form number to register the account. This information will prevent you from account registration and you will not be granted access to certain accounts. You will be given the opportunity to download NID card when you enter each information on the web site following the registered information of NID card and go to the next page.

By entering this website you need to complete the NID wallet task very importantly and efficiently. Moreover, you can easily download the NID copy from online as every information has been asked in Bengali language so that everyone can understand all the information.

Nid Card Download New 2023

Currently NID card can be downloaded online. If I want to download NID card from you or someone you know online then you can download it by following the necessary steps along with that person to download it. In today’s post I will give an idea about the simple rules to download NID card or the website you need to visit to do this.

The importance of NID card is immense and if you want to do any institutional work then you will easily understand how important NID card is for providing your identity. Starting from your name, your parents name and permanent address will be mentioned there. On completion of 18 years from the government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, you have to apply for NID card online now and based on this application, you will get NID card within few days.

However, after generating the NID card, apart from getting the hard copy, if you want to download the soft copy online, then you can do that and the rules in this regard will be discussed on our website now. The website address you need to visit to download NID card is given here as many people don’t know and that address is

By entering this address you have to open a profile first and to open the profile it is written above there is no profile and below it is written click on register option. If you click on this option, you will be given the date of birth by providing the NID card number or the voter slip number that is there to provide the information.

After that, fill all the steps that will appear in front of you correctly and when you are shown the phone number to send the OTP code, make sure that the phone number is active and that you can collect the SMS on that phone number. After that you have to click on submit option to receive SMS and after doing that you will be given instructions to download a software called NID Wallet from play store.

The function of this software is from there you can identify your face or the person whose NID card you want to download by turning on the camera and if it understands the website then it will allow you to download the NID card.

When you return to the website after completing the software, you will need to set the user ID and password. After opening the profile in this way, you will login to your profile and download the soft copy of NID card from there.

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