Nid Number check Sms

Nid Number check Sms

Those of you who want to check NID card number through SMS will tell that in this case you have to check certain rules or follow the rules. When you register your NID card information through the Election Commission administered by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, you will be provided with a NID card number. In this case, we would like to help those who visit our website with correct information to know whether your number has been recorded correctly on the website.

Even if the system of checking the number of NID card through SMS is not running, you can use the last 4 digits of the NID card to verify that the SIM registration has been done using the NID card in any case. So in today’s post for you, we are going to tell you the rules for checking the details of NID card through SMS or how many SIMs have been registered through ID card.

Since the NID card information has seriously helped us to protect our identity, since we are able to save the NID card information ourselves, the Bangladesh Election Commission has introduced all kinds of security measures so that this information cannot be used by anyone else. If there is any problem related to your NID card or if you have any kind of question related to NID card, you can visit the official website called Service NID and collect the necessary information from there.

There is no mistake as the data of NID card is currently being recorded according to the voter ID card of the registrant’s parents and the birth registration certificate and secondary examination certificate of the registration card through the Bangladesh Election Commission. But if anyone wants to follow the rules that were being conducted in the earlier rules, then this mistake is coming very hard and many are applying to correct the information. So we will help those who visit here to know the correct information about whether there is any kind of error in your NID card number and we think this post will play a very important role for you.

You have correctly received the ID card number that you have registered through the Election Commission of Bangladesh and the NID card number that has been provided to you. Because the Election Commission of Bangladesh has created this number in a specific serial, there is no mistake in giving them the number and in this case, this number is very important, instead of using the original documents, use this copy or card number in any case. So what we have been telling you repeatedly to use the NID card number is that you save its information and apply for correction of the information if there is a mistake.

However, no SIM operator in Bangladesh has introduced the NID number checking system and since the SIM company only accepts the NID card number for each SIM registration, there is no chance that any other customer will go and check that number. That is, you have received a SIM card and if you cannot show the necessary documents for it, then the operator of the SIM company will not help you in any way,

and because there are specific documents behind the registration of each SIM card, you can know its information by providing the NID card information there. can takeSo, for those who want to check the NID card number by dialing a specific code through SMS, even if such an opportunity is not enabled, you can know which SIM has been registered by using the last four digits of the NID card. In fact,

when the SIM registration tasks were completed by collecting the NID card numbers through biometrics method, SIM registration of many family members was done with one person’s ID card. Moreover, if you go to buy a SIM card at present, then there is no problem because you can buy it on the basis of someone else’s ownership and later on, even if the SIM card is used by someone else, there is no problem.

Now it would be great if you buy SIM card to someone on emergency basis and that person can get this SIM card registration done in his own name later. However, you want to know the NID card number that was used to complete the registration of the SIM card or because you may have purchased many SIM cards over a long period of time because you do not have an account of how many SIM cards you have purchased. But if the last four digit number of NID card remains then it can be checked very easily and we can check them as every SIM operator has enabled such facility for us.

Instead of checking this SIM card through the Bangladesh Election Commission, it would be better if you can check the NID card number through the SIM operator. But NID card is a very important thing and because it is managed through government, no SIM operator will give you any NID card number completely. If you cannot provide the information completely then you will not be able to collect your NID card number even by visiting the customer care service. So since SIM card is a very important thing privacy is always followed in this case.

However, by using the NID card number, you can find out how many SIM cards have been registered in the specified SIM by dialing through the dial pad. First of all you need to go to the contact option of your mobile phone and dial *16001# from the dial option that appears. By dialing this number, first make sure that the SIM card you want to check is registered with the NID card number you have in your collection. If that SIM card is registered and NID card number is associated with it then you must provide the NID card number at the end of four visits.

Then click on send option will show the request processing status and within few seconds you will receive an SMS on your phone with NID card information covered with star symbol. Moreover, you can see information about how many SIM cards have been registered there, and by looking at the first 3 digits and the last three digits of the SIM operator, you will understand whether you are using them.

In addition to knowing the NID card information and SIM card information through SMS, if you think that you are not using any of the SIM cards in the mentioned SIM card or that no family member is using them, then you can cancel their registration by contacting the company.

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