NID Online Copy Download

NID Online Copy Download

If you want to know the exact process of downloading online copy of NID card, then learn this process from our website today. NID card is currently being downloaded online and if you want to know more about this download process, keep reading this post till the end.

There are some special processes for downloading NID card online and if you understand this process or you can follow every step then it is very easy to download and follow the rules below to download in PDF file format on your mobile phone.

National Identity Card is a final identity card issued by the Government of Bangladesh and through this identity card you can provide your identity in different parts of the country as well as travel abroad. However, there are many people who do not understand the official website of the national identity card and all the work that has to be done there.

As a result, if you want to work on any information related to the national identity card, you do not understand the work you will do in the room and in this case you have to go to the computer operator’s shop. However, while visiting today’s post, know the correct process to download NID online copy.

The address or link of the official website that you need to enter to download NID online copy is If you use this link to enter the office website or search by typing NID service in the search bar, the office website will come in front of you. The first step you need to follow to download the NID online copy by entering there is to check if you are already registered on the website.

However, in most cases, there is no registration and you have to open the profile there, so find out how to open the profile through this post. Entering the official website of NID Card, since you have to open your profile, you have to click on the option called Register there. This will take you to the next page and there will be an empty field for you to fill out a form. Enter the number of your National Identity Card in the first blank field and in the blank fields below provide your birth certificate information or date of birth.

Then enter the clear numbers or digital text given below in the blank box with a good understanding and click on submit button to go further. Now you need to go to the next page and provide the address information and in this case you have to select from the name of your department to the name of your village or permanent address. In this way, when you have inputted all the information, go to the next page and go there and first recognize the number that is being displayed for sending an SMS to your phone.

If this number is yours and if this number is active then you can click on submit button to take a message on mobile phone and if you do not use the number then you can change the number. The fact is that the OTP code that will go to your phone, whether you change the number or use that number, you have to go to the next cell of the website. After entering the OTP code, all the work of your website will be completed and then you will be instructed to download a software called NID Wallet from Play Store.

However, the website has a system in which you can download the software called NID Wallet by clicking on the download option and appearing directly in the Play Store. After downloading that software you will fulfill all the terms and conditions of the software and there you will see the way you are asked to look in front of the camera. However, in this case, special caution that you will download the online copy of the NID card in front of the camera.

When the camera is done, you will go to the website and come here and finish all the work with user ID and password to create your profile. Once the profile is created you will have the opportunity to log in to your own profile with a user ID and password or national identity card number. And by entering your profile and clicking on the download option below, you can download the online copy of the NID card.

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