Nid Online Service BD

Nid Online Service BD 2023

As we are getting NID service at home through online, we can easily perform the important tasks of our daily life. So when you want to know about service NID official website through online or where to go to get nid service then we must provide you correct information in this context. Since NID card is required for other important functions including voting rights and without.

NID card not much can be done in private ownership so we need to know the important information of NID card or start from its pdf file to correct the information. If we try to present to you how NID service has been providing service to us through online then it will be very good and you will be able to engage yourself in every task very easily.

Mainly if you want to take these online benefits of NID service then you
Ask to use this link and go to the homepage of the official website. Once there you can see different types of information and you can get a brief idea about each information as it will be presented in front of you now. Mainly you will get an option to register first if you don’t have an account by visiting the official website of Service NID. So since you don’t have an account you must complete the registration and provide voter id card number or voter form number for registration.

While registering the information you were given a slip called voter slip serial number and if you can add this information to the website then your account can be registered. And if there is voter ID card then there is no problem and you can register account there very easily with this ID card number. But the most important thing about account registration is that you will be shown a mobile number and click on send message option to receive SMS on that mobile number. If that mobile number is not active then we will ask you to go next and in this case you can change the number and receive six digit OK SMS on the mobile phone.

Moreover, you have to download the software called NID wallet and you have to identify the face of the person who is registering the account for the NID card and scan the QR code. If you can complete each task step by step like this, you can register the account very easily and after registering the account, you can receive various facilities from there. However, you must remember the username and password you set while registering the account, and in this case, the password plays a very important role, so it will be useful for later login.

It will be better for you when you login with this password and you can apply for correction of information there by logging in with your own password. If the NID card is damaged or lost then you can apply for its issuance. Again, if you need the pdf file of NID card in paper laminating version, you can definitely download it. So, to get all the benefits that you can get by registering an account, register an account with your NID card number and you can use it for any future work.

However, if we want to give you an idea regarding information correction, we will see that many times the information of NID card remains wrong and if there is any informational mistake in your birth registration certificate, secondary examination certificate and all kinds of educational qualification certificate, it has to be corrected.

So by visiting the website you will go to the edit option and enter all the information that you need to correct correctly and deposit the amount of your application fee on the website through mobile banking. Then in case of submission of documents the necessary proofs must be shown on the website and by submitting the same the application will be accepted.

In this case, there is no need to submit your application form at the upazila server station. As you have submitted the application through online, it will be corrected online and later you will be updated from the upazila server station to collect the revised original documents. Moreover, if someone loses the NID card, then without worrying, you can always use the copy of the NID card, and in this case, if it is not collected, then you can apply for issuance there with the NID card number. In this case, you have to pay an application fee of Tk 230 and through that you can easily apply for NID card.

If you want to register new information on the website, you can do so and those who could not attend or provide information while registering NID card information can apply any time of the year after completing eighteen years of age. In this case for new application you must record the information as per birth registration certificate and your father’s voter ID card and Madhyamik examination certificate. If you present every information correctly on the website, your application will be accepted and you will submit it to the upazila server station by paying 230 taka as application fee through challan form.

Then the upazila server station will accept it from you and later when you will be called to provide photo and signature by SMS or by phone, you will provide them and your NID card will actually be generated. In this way, you can visit the official website of Service NID and take various facilities step by step and this website provides all the services that we need related to NID card in our daily life. So you can follow the instructions of the website and get the answers to each and every question without having any misconceptions about NID card or without spending a lot of money.

Moreover, if someone has registered the information a long time ago and has not received the NID card, then you can easily check the current status of the NID card. This will give you an idea if your ID card has been printed and where you can collect it from. Also, you can download the information correction form in PDF file form or the reissue form in PDF file form by using various options from there when you go to the menu option of the website. If you want to check the application fee from there in advance then you will get a chance to check that too. thank you

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