Nid Registration Form Pdf Download

Nid Registration Form Pdf Download 2023

Currently if someone completes 18 years of age then you can wait for it when the information is registered for all as well as you can do your NID card details through registration online on urgent basis. Usually when there is a registrar in charge of an area, he registers everyone’s information on a voter form and registers here. As the information has to be registered through online,

they collect it in the form of PDF file and slowly complete all the work of ID card by providing the correct information of each room there. But if you have registered information through any information registrar, then you must check the correctness of each information yourself and you must see if there is any kind of mistake anywhere. And if you have registered the information through online then you must visit there and you have to record the information yourself.

It is bitterly true that many people are in the trouble of correcting information due to NID card informational mistakes and are visiting local server station day after day to correct the information as the ID card information does not match with the certificate and birth registration certificate. But if we try to present or explain about your NID card information then we think it will play a very beneficial role for you. So I will teach those who have given the PDF file to register the NID card information directly online so that how to go to the page to fill your information or how to fill it will not cause any problem.

If you want to get Registration for NID Card in PDF file format then downloading it will not work. Because offline application form will not be accepted from you and you have to fill the form online and download its PDF file and submit it to the local server station. Hence the name of an official website of Bangladesh Election Commission where NID card information is being registered . That is, if you can directly visit the website by using this link, then you will get the second number option “Application for registration of new information.”

So if you want to register information and know how to do new registration of NID card then definitely start reading this information from now. Because from here you will not be told how to provide the information in which room and how to fill it so that there will not be any kind of mistake. If you have visited the official website of NID card like this and click on the mentioned option then first of all you have to write your name in English according to your birth certificate and secondary examination certificate. If you can write your name in English, more options will be shown in front of you and first of all you will provide your date of birth after providing your name.

Then you must understand that the capture code shown on the website is shown as letter or digit and accordingly enter the information in the blank cell and move to the next page. When you go to the next page, you will be asked to provide your mobile number and if you provide your mobile number, a 6-digit number will be shown in the SMS you will receive from the 105 number. If you must register this 6-digit number on the website, do you have to do the step-by-step information registration in the incomplete profile that will be shown to you later?

Bangladesh NID Application System


First of all you will provide your personal information in the incomplete profile which is shown in front of you and in case of personal information you must provide your name in Bengali as you have provided your name in English there. However, in filling the information, it must be said that every information must be provided as birth registration certificate and secondary examination certificate, so there is no opportunity to scribble any information anywhere or if you provide any wrong information, you will not be able to complete the application correctly. So after providing your name in Bengali you must mention your gender and your blood group must be mentioned.

Then you have to provide your birth registration certificate number and if you do not provide the birth registration certificate number then it has to be filled as mandatory so your NID card information cannot be registered correctly. Now you have to give the date of birth as given in birth registration and mention your place of birth. After that you will get an option called father information and there you have to provide your father name and father’s NID card number. If the father is dead then his death equal should be mentioned there.

Similarly go to the head information room and provide his name and his NID card number and if he is deceased then the same mention of death must be made. In this case, if the registrant is a girl, then if she is married, then her marital details must be provided and the same for boys. So you have to mention your marital status and if married then name of husband or wife and provide their NID card number.

Now you need to provide other information and it would be great if you can mention your educational qualification. Then you must state what occupation you are involved in in your daily life and if there is any physical disability or incapacity or disability if any. On an urgent basis you need to mention the identification and if there is a cut anywhere on the body then you must mention it. Also, don’t forget to mention everything from TIN number to driving license and passport information. Then you have to mention your religion name and an active mobile number will be updated automatically as you have mentioned it first.

Now you have to provide the address and mention the upazila you live in by mentioning the name of your division and the name of the district. Then you have to mention whether you are living in City Corporation or Municipality or Union Parishad. Then you have to mention the name of your union and how many ward it is under then the mauza will ask to provide the name.

In this way you have to provide each information step by step and if your present address and permanent address are same then you have to provide the same and if they are different you have to provide them separately. By inputting the information like this, you can complete the registration and after submitting the application, you have to download its PDF file and submit it to the upazila server station. thank you

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