Nid Sim Registration Check Online

Nid Sim Registration Check Online 2023

At present if we think to check how many SIM cards are registered with NID card then it can be checked very easily. We can easily find out a lot of information at home by using various online based information and we need to know these in our daily life or we must check them because they provide various guarantees in our security.

We know that nowadays to buy a SIM card it has to be registered through NID card number and fingerprint and since the SIM company has introduced such a system we have to accept them and the SIM company also follows them. By using your NID card number, you can find out how many other sims have been registered with your NID card number.

We are constantly informing you about various issues and you also visit here as you ask us important questions and get answers in your daily life and we provide the information for you. If you need a SIM card of any operator in your mobile phone, then you must provide NID card information to buy that SIM card. In other words, you will get NID card on completion of 18 years of age and in case of using mobile phone, although 18 years has been mentioned, still there are many students who are using mobile phone through SIM card during the coronavirus.

As most of the students do not have NID card, they are using internet connection with SIM card registered through their parents or relatives and can study or get entertainment online. In this case, if you have more than one child in your family, then they may also be using mobile phones and because everyone has personal mobile phones, they have personal SIM cards.

So you can check this and if you need to buy more than one sim card then check it by using NID card number to make sure you can buy sim from that operator. Also when NID for sim card registration Many went to the biometrics point and registered the information when the announcement came with the arrangement of cards and fingerprints.

But some unscrupulous businessmen have used your fingerprint double and since NID card information remains with them, they have easily registered many illegal SIMs later. In this case, even if the SIM card is used by someone else, if any crime is committed because it is registered with your NID card, the responsibility will come on you and in this case, you must ensure your own protection to keep yourself free from such trouble.

It will be very easy to find the owner of NID card earlier as it is very easy to find out in whose name it is registered as soon as the crime is committed before finding those people with SIM card location. So if invalid or unknown SIM cards are registered and you can verify them by following this method then you can definitely cancel their registration.

So for you, we inform you about various important things in daily life and you visit here because you can download PDF file starting from correcting information to inform you about NID card.

As we will inform you about NID card information in today’s post, you can follow them and check other family members following the same rules to ensure protection. Moreover, if there are multiple SIM card registrations, you can of course cancel them and run the ones you need, and in this case,

you have to go to the operator of the specific SIM company to cancel the SIM card registration. If you submit an application to them and tell them that you are no longer using this SIM or someone else is using it whose registration you want to cancel, they will consider it as having your NID card information and close the SIM card.

But anyway we are discussing these issues for you because if your NID card is registered to someone else’s SIM card then it is harmful for you and if that person is involved in any kind of criminal activities then your name will come up during SIM card ownership verification. In this case, you must consider security. So I will tell you some rules to verify which SIM has been registered with your NID card information and in this case you will dial through a SIM card so that SIM has been registered with your NID card number.

So to complete the registration of SIM card or to know the information related to the registration, we will ask you to go to the dial pad on the phone and dial *16001# on the dial pad of your phone. By dialing this number, select a SIM which is registered with your NID card and after selecting it, a blank space will appear in front of you and you have to put the last digit number of the NID card to verify it with your SIM card.

If you can put the last four digit number of NID card then it will be very good. After entering 4 digit number you will get send button and after clicking on blue color fan button your request will be processed and you will be requested to wait for some time. In this case, if you wait for a few seconds, an SMS will be sent to the phone and in this case, the number of the NID card will be left with a star symbol without revealing it, and the number of registered SIMs will be mentioned there.

Apart from mentioning the number of the SIM card, the information about which SIM registration has been done will come out and in this way you can see the last three digits and understand whether you or any of your family members are using those numbers. You can ensure your own security as you understand and know the NID card information very easily.

Therefore, in the case of SIM card registration, you must provide correct information and in this case, there will be no problem if you can ensure your own protection as various types of criminal activities are taking place at present. And based on the information mentioned above, if you understand that you are not using that SIM card, then immediately go to that SIM operator and cancel its registration by submitting an application form.

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