Nid Smart Card Online Copy

Nid Smart Card Online Copy 2023

We can do the important tasks related to NID card through online at home as any person can download smart copy of NID card online. However, by visiting the website, you can download the paper laminating version by following all the rules, but you can use it for any work as the ten digit digital NID card number is provided there and there will be no problem. Since the need and importance of NID card is immense to show your identity in various institutional work or work field, if you have not got the information even after registering, then you have to collect it from online. Because in most cases the copy of NID card is provided, there is no need to provide the original documents and you can easily download the NID card information by visiting the official website and providing certain information or by following certain rules.

Since you have visited here to download NID card copy online, you will be explained about it and will tell you in detail how to collect ID card information or how to download ID card PDF file. The need of NID card is immense in our daily life and due to the immense need of this NID card we feel bad when we cannot use its information for any other purpose or we miss out on important tasks. However, for those who have been waiting for a long time for issuing Smart NID Card, it has been arranged to download its PDF file through the official website called NID Service and many people are able to download it and do important work.

So if you need your ID card, collect your number from the slip of voter form that was provided to you during the information registration and visit the website by providing other information and register an account. If the account is registered then login. You have to go to the download option by going there and you can download your NID card information. But anyway those who have come to collect smart copy of NID card from online here today as per your need know the rules.

First of all you need to know its official website and we can do these things in our daily life as they are being done through the official portal. Because the online copy of your NID card is not stored anywhere except the official portal and in this case you will not be able to collect it from there so it is wise to visit the official website directly. So for smart online NID card download

I will tell you to use this link and if you can use this link you will enter the official website and from the homepage that will be displayed in front of you click on “Register” to register your account. Click on “Do” option.

When you click on the register option, a new page will appear in front of you and in the first cell you will be directed to enter your NID card number or voter form number if you don’t have it. In this case, if you cannot provide any information, then you will not be able to register an account from the website and also you will not be able to download a copy of the smart NID card. So to download the online copy of smart NID card you must follow certain rules and collect the above mentioned information in any way.

If you can provide any information from both the information then go to the next page and after going to the next step you will be given the step by step instructions to provide the date of birth information. On the first page of registration, you will be shown a captcha code and follow the instructions on the website to understand the code given there and after specifying the exact information in the blank box, click on submit. Then you will go to the next page and enter your address information and the same information you provided during voter registration.

However, you will have many advantages in this case as there is an opportunity to fill in the information where you live or on the basis of which address you have registered through the option. You will fill the information step by step from department level to local level and go to the next page and you can see a mobile number there. If the mobile number is with you or if it is active or if you can collect the six digit OTP code, then click on send message option. If there is no system to collect SMS from that mobile number then there is an opportunity to change the number and by changing the number you can receive SMS.

As soon as you click on the send message option, a six-digit OTP code will be sent to your phone from 105 and you have to collect it and register it on the website. If you go to the next page, you will be shown a QR code about whether this information of NID card is working properly and you have to keep that QR code with a screenshot. Specifically, when they are saved in your gallery, crop the part of the QR code and download the website using the instructions that I have given you for downloading the software called NID Wallet or the link that has been shared.

Now you have to go to NID wallet software and you will complete that task by keeping this page of the website minimized. By entering the NID wallet you scan the QR code and those who come to download the NID card have to turn their faces from left to right for identification and I don’t think there will be any problem as there is a demo shown there. If the face is fully recognized then the right text will appear and you will be returned to the website and provide the required information to proceed to the next steps.

Especially there you need to set a unique username and must remember the password by typing the password twice. Because this password will play an important role in logging in later and if you don’t save the password, it will be a loss for you. In this way, you can open a profile and go to the download option as well as see the detailed information with your own profile picture. As soon as you click on the download option, your NID card will be downloaded as shown. You can view the smart card of your NID card by opening it from the apps that open the PDF file and the 10-digit NID card number will be mentioned there.

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