Nid Smart Card Status

Nid Smart Card Status 2023

We have been presenting these issues for you at various times as the important information related to Smart ID card is being checked online or the PDF file of Smart ID card is being saved. So for those of you who have registered information long time ago and wasted a long time to get smart ID card, we have introduced the option to check the status of NID card on our website.

That is, you can check the status of your NID card by visiting the official website of NID Service and get confirmation whether it has been printed or not. So for your purpose we will try to inform you through this post how to check the information of NID card by visiting the official website of NID service or whether it is printed or not. We will definitely try to present that information to you if you post reasonable posts related to NID card in daily life.

We register information for NID card when we complete 18 years of age or when we complete 18 years of age. Actually if Bangladesh Election Commission has provided it to us within few days of registration then we don’t need to check the status of Smart ID card or know the rules to download paper laminating version. But there are many people who registered the information around 2015 or around 2014 but till now have not received any NID card information.

While registering the information, you have been given only voter slip information and a serial number has been provided which many of you have saved. If the Election Commission of Bangladesh had tried to do the work a little faster then surely the work would have been done very quickly and how much for the convenience of distributing the NID card to everyone. With the NID card, everyone can participate or perform various official functions, from purchase of land in private ownership to registration of SAMs or various other official functions. But when you don’t have NID card you can’t do it and in this case it will be a lot of trouble for you.

So I would like to tell those who have visited here to know the information about NID card or to check the information about smart ID card that it will be possible to distribute NID card to everyone before the upcoming national elections in 2024. Actually NID cards have reached every upazila server station but we don’t know why they are not being distributed. But it would be great if the server stations play an active role and play a proactive role in distributing them. But due to the common people not knowing why these things happen in the distribution of such important documents in Bangladesh, many times they have to apply urgently to collect them or download PDF files.

However, since you have come to know about NID card and to check the information of smart NID card, we are informing you about these things. As they play a vital role in our lives, we must know them and help others to know them. As soon as those who are viewing or reading this information know that someone around you is facing this problem then help them to download NID card pdf file or check the status of Smart ID card and let them know about it.

By checking the status of smart ID card you can basically understand whether its information has been printed out or what is the name of the owner of the ID card or which constituency it belongs to. It is not possible to know when the payment will be made as there is no specific date mentioned there and in this case it would be better if you contact the upazila server station directly. However, if you need your NID card urgently, you can download the paper laminating version and use its copy for various purposes, and in most cases, there will be no problem in using the copy. So if you want you can download it on urgent basis and check the post on our website about how to download NID card online.

We are discussing detailed information about NID card for you because in daily life if you are over 18 years then NID card information is mostly asked for instead of birth registration certificate. Although many organizations know that the Election Commission of Bangladesh has not distributed NID card to everyone, still many times we have to give it or collect it for our personal needs starting from driving license. So considering all the aspects for your convenience the rules to check Smart ID card status are given below.

We always suggest to use Service NID official website to check Smart ID card status. We try to present all the rules that you can go there to do any work or check the current status of your smart ID card there. But the link to the official page which has the page to check the smart ID card is You will copy this link from here and go directly to the Bangladesh Election Commission’s smart card checking page and go there and find out all the information that will be sent from you based on the information provided below.

Firstly, by using the link, you can visit the website and see that there are instructions for providing your NID card number. As your NID card is not collected, you have to mention the serial number which is on the voter form. Now if you don’t have any kind of data collection then you can’t check or view it. So if a person has registered the information before or after you and if he is known to you, then if he has the serial number of the voter form, then you can try it by adding a little more or less of the number.

Anyway here you go down after providing this information and there you have to mention your date of birth, month of birth and year of birth. If your date of birth is five then you would use zero first and write five after. That is, at least two digits must be used there and four digits must be used in mentioning the year of birth. You can zoom in on the captcha code that is generated for you on the website and present it exactly as it is provided and click on the submit button. Hope you can check the Smart ID card status based on the information presented above

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