Old Nid Card Download

Old Nid Card Download

If you have the old NID card and want to download it online, then this facility has been launched by Bangladesh Election Commission on the official website. You can register an account here just by providing voter number and other information of old NID card and you can help those who own old voter ID card as most of them don’t know this system.

We are constantly providing this service of Bangladesh Election Commission through online and we are informing you what service head is doing, so you can visit here regularly and know that information. So we are writing this post for you, those whose NID card has become very old and want to download its paper laminating version online, must follow the below rules to download.

However, you can also download this paper laminating version from the website in the same way as the paper laminating version has been issued to the owner of the old voter ID card. Usually if we copy it from the original document then it is seen in black and white color. But if your old ID card is lost or you still have a copy of it after losing the old ID card then you need to follow the information on the website to download its color version. Election Commission of Bangladesh has prepared all these voters’ information in the form of PDF file on the website so we can download it whenever and wherever we need in our daily life.

But Election Commission of Bangladesh has been providing us this facility regularly to download NID card whether it is old or new and we are availing that facility. So when you want to download this NID card then you have to go to the official website of service NID and there you have to provide some information and show the face of the ID card. Because there is no system to download it from online using just the NID card number and there is no chance of such fraudulent website fraud, you have to be correct in every case and follow the rules of NID card properly.

So we always provide service NID link to download your NID card and even today to download old NID card.
I will tell you to use this link https://services.nidw.gov.bd/nid-pub/ and through it you will visit the official website directly. Most of the people do not have any account registration here so you have to click on account registration option. That is, if you can present the detailed information with the NID card number here, then other information of your NID card will be shown there and the NID card in PDF file format will be displayed, so click on the download option to download it. can

So to download the NID card, first of all you click on the account registration option and you will start inputting the information on the first page that will appear. You must provide the ID card number as it asks for voter ID card number or voting form number. Because your information has been registered long ago and in this case you have to provide ID number as serial number of voter form is not in collection. After providing the ID card number, there birthday and date of birth and year of birth should be provided.

To complete the work of each page on the website, first of all you have to understand the captcha code that is shown on this page and you have to enter it in the blank box exactly as it is mentioned and click on the next option. Now it’s time to provide your address and if you are living at current address then I will always tell you to provide permanent address instead of current address. Because the voter ID card is created based on the permanent address, you can provide all the information required from the department to the local level through the option of permanent address.

Bangladesh NID Application System

In this way you will select your address information from the options online and on the next page you will see a mobile number and under it you will see the send message option written. So if you click on the send message option, an SMS will be sent to your phone and in this case you must first confirm whether you know the mobile number that is showing and whether it is possible to collect the code received through that SMS. If it is not possible then click on change number option before send message option. Use your active SIM card number there so that it remains recorded in the service NID and later on you have any problem due to any known reason.

In this way you will receive an OTP code in an SMS on the mobile phone and after providing this code on the website you will see several instructions when you go to the next page. Especially if there is anyone else showing the code related to your NID card, you will be asked to take a screenshot or if you have the possibility to work on multiple devices, you will definitely stay there as a part of the QR code. In this case, the link of playstore will be provided to download a software called NID wallet and you can use the link and search for it in playstore and download and install it.

Now you have to go to the apps downloaded from that play store and go there and scan whoever is showing the code through the camera or scan it by collecting it from the gallery. Once the scanning is done, you will be asked to show the face of the ID card you want to download and how to rotate the face from side to side will be shown in demo form. When you are done there, you will come back to the website and you will have to set a unique user ID and password.

The password for your account registration is very important and if you save the password, you can use it later to complete the login. But in the initial step of account registration it will be in login status, you must go down and see the detailed profile that is shown there with your profile picture. Then click on the download option below and its paper laminating version will be downloaded to your device as a PDF file. Hope through this post you have been able to know about the detailed rules of downloading old NID card.

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