Online NID Card Check, Download, Correction

Online NID Card Check, Download, Correction

Find out more about online NID card through this post today. If you are an 18 year old or have created a National Identity Card due to reaching this age then how to collect NID Card online is the topic of discussion on our website today.

Even if you have the original copy of National Identity Card, when you collect the online copy, it will be kept in your collection in the form of PDF file. And since there is an opportunity to download it in PDF file format, you can print it at any time later or you can use it from outside for personal needs.

However, in the current age of information and communication technology, every job is being relied on online, so every information in the national identity card is being collected from the website. Now if you want to collect your National Identity Card information or download online copy of National Identity Card then you can understand how to download these by going to the end through this post.

When you download your NID card from online and save it in PDF file format on your mobile phone, a knowledge of technology will work inside you and a kind of joy will work in your mind that you will be able to download it.

Moreover, if you want to print a PDF file when you have a collection of national identity cards instead of taking pictures, you will not have any problem and if you print it, you can use it for any purpose. So follow the rules shown below to know how to download online copy of National Identity Card. You have to go to the official website to download the online NID card and many of you may not know the address of the official website so it is provided here.

The official website address for downloading NID card online is By entering this address, when you download the NID card online, you will have to open the profile to download the NID card with your own national identity card number and other information. So first click on the option called Register to open a profile there.

It will be taken to the next room and there you will first need to provide your NID card number. However, it is better to say in advance that if you do not get the NID card number or national identity card or if you cannot collect it, you will never be able to download the online copy of the NID card from the profile. So to download the online copy of NID card, provide your National Identity Card number and after providing it, provide all the days, months and years related to the date of birth.

Then you have to fill in the vague captcha given below and go to the next cell and give the address information that you will be asked for. Now when you go to the next page, you will be shown a phone number and you have to look at the last digits in this phone number and see if it is your number. If you have a number and this number is active on your phone, you need to click the OK button to send the OTP code to that number.

And if you do not use that SIM card, you will get a chance to change the number there. Then enter the OTP code that you will get from the phone number in the correct number and the next step will be to guide you to download a software called NID Wallet to download NID card. You will be able to download the software from the Play Store and you will be able to download it directly from the official website by clicking on the Download option there.

In fact, after downloading the software, the face of the person who will download the NID card will be brought to the fore and following certain rules, the authenticity will be verified through the camera. Thus, when the work of NID Wallet software is completed, you will come back to the website and there you will have to provide a user ID to open the profile.

Now you have to give a unique user ID to open this profile so that the website will accept and go down and enter an eight digit password. By opening the profile in this way, when you enter your profile, you can go to the download option and download the NID card online.

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