Original Real ID Card Bangladesh

Original Real ID Card Bangladesh 2023

If you want to download Bangladesh ID card from office website like original NID card then we will inform you about the download process. Many times those who have registered NID card information in 2015 or earlier have not received the original documents of Smart ID card and in this case you want to download its PDF file for real.

Since the official website of Service NID is providing you with such facilities, we will present the points for your convenience so that you can perform the tasks related to the NID card requirements in your daily life. So if anyone needs NID card then you can download the pdf file using the NID card number by using the voter format information provided to you while registering the voter information or the slip through which the number was provided.

As we are presenting various service activities or service information related to NID card in daily life, you are downloading NID card online document accordingly. Actually what is available from the website is the paper laminating version and by downloading this paper version you can perform various important tasks officially and there is no possibility of any hassle in this regard.

So follow below rules to download original or real NID card which you understand and we will present or explain you A to Z information easily according to them you will be able to download NID card pdf file completely free of cost. By registering the NID card details very quickly, their smart card will be issued very quickly

As we know and there are elections in 2024, they are guaranteed to be distributed to all very soon. So to download NID card we will ask you to use the official website of Service NID and its link is
https://services.nidw.gov.bd/nid-pub/ . That is, by using this link, you can visit the official website and if you visit there, I think you can perform important tasks related to your NID card.

You understand that we ask you to submit these information to download NID card information and you need to create an account when you visit the website using the above link to use this information. That’s why you click on the register option and as soon as you click there, you will get the blank in front of you

If you have your NID card number in the first room there, or voter form slip number should be provided there. If you cannot provide any information in these two details then it will not be possible to download your original or real NID card and in this case this information will play a very important role. After providing the NID card number or voter slip number you will go down and There you will provide the information related to the date of birth according to the serial information. Then with the captcha code on the website

are given and especially if digits and English letters are used there, understand them correctly and provide information accordingly. Then when you get next you will fill in the details of the address from where you have registered the NID card information or the address you have provided while registering the information by selecting step by step option.

In providing address information, you will have the opportunity to fill in all the addresses from your department to the local level through the option, so you do not need to provide any information by hand and provide the correct information correctly. After these tasks are done, when you go to the next task, a mobile number will be shown to you and by looking at the last three digits and the first three digits, you will understand whether you have this number or whether you use this number. If the number is not used then you can change the number and there is an option to change the number.

That is, if you can receive a message by clicking on the send message option on the number shown here, then the 6-digit otp code should be recorded on the website. Then you have to go to the next step and there you must follow any other information. However, if you want, you can update the number there and do these things, so both types of information are explained to you so that you can use your information according to your convenience. Now you can see a QR code when you go to the next page and just tap that part of this QR code to go to your gallery through the screenshot wall.

Thus, before you give the screenshot of the QR code information, we have to follow all the things written on that page or all the directions given. By following the instructions of the website when you click on the download link of NID wallet it will be downloaded and after downloading you have to scan the QR code that you have saved there. That is, by placing the QR code, the website is being convinced that the right person is doing the work and there is no chance of fraud in this case.

The face of the person whose NID card is to be downloaded should be shown there following the correct rules and once the face is shown, if you understand that the correct writing is showing there, then the work is done. After filling the information there you will come back to the website and in this case the website will help you to download it completely and open the profile through facial recognition.

When you return to the website, you have to enter a unique user ID and in this case you can provide any unique information using digits and English letters so that the website accepts it. Then you will set the password of digits and after setting the password, re-write it. In this way, when you have submitted this information, you will have a complete profile and you must remember the password.

Because you can log in with voter format information or NID card number and password and get various benefits related to your NID card later. But anyway to download your NID card information or to download real copy of NID card I will ask you to go to download option. As soon as you click on the download option, you will go to the next page and when you go there, you will see that the PDF file of your NID card has been automatically downloaded and you need to open it through which apps. thank you

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