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service nidw gov bd Login 2023

Usually when we visit the official website of National Identity Card Service i.e. the official website of Service NID, when we go down, there comes the login option. Even if the voter ID card number or voter form number is collected for login, there is a password available and many people do not understand what password should be set in this case.

So for your convenience we will discuss detailed information about how to login by visiting the official website of Service NID Gov BD through this post. So if we discuss for you how to login by using this official portal or for whom this login is used, then many things will be clear to you and when you know about the login, you will know about its proper use. Can and can use it.

There are many people who have registered voter ID card information who have been waiting for five to eight years or even 10 years. Although we have been informed that smart ID cards will be issued, many people have not received smart ID cards so far. The information was recorded online by hand writing and when we had to fill the voter information registration form by hand we were given a voter form number or slip number.

By using that number, we can know about login in daily life by visiting the official website of Service NID as well as account registration. When you visit the official website of Service NID, you will be shown three to four options and The first option is providing directions to register if you don’t have an account.

Account registration can be done there on the basis of providing your NID card number or voter form number and other information. Now account registration is done by many people for re-issuance of voter id card due to loss, download of voter id card pdf file and correction of voter id card information. That is, if you have an account, then you can receive the benefits mentioned above.However, among the things that we will tell you here, first of all, we will tell you how to do the account registration in brief. First you

Go to the official website by using this link and click on the account registration option. There you have to provide your date of birth information by providing your voter ID card number or voter for men number. You must understand the capture code shown on the website correctly and proceed to the next step after recording it.

In the next step, there is an option to provide address information and when you enter each information correctly, you have to click on the next option again. Now, if the mobile number that will be shown to you is known, click on the send message option to receive the message, and if it is unknown, you must change the number and click on the send message option.

By clicking on send message option, an OTP code of 6 digits will come from 105 number and after recording it on the website, click on the next option again. If you click there, you have to understand the things that will be presented in front of you and you have to keep the screenshot of the QR code that is shown there.

After you put the screenshot, crop it in the gallery and download the software called NID Wallet from play store by clicking on the link shared there to download it. The QR code you put in the screenshot should be shown there. And the face of the person who is going to download the NID card or perform the NID card related tasks should be shown there by rotating from left to right. After completing the work there, you have to come back to the website and open a complete profile by setting the user ID and password.

Basically the password you set is an important part and this password must be remembered. Once your profile is created, the profile will be displayed with the photo you provided while taking the voter ID card photo and from that profile you can apply for correction of information or re-issuance. But since you have come to know about the login, I will say that the password you open the profile with here will play a very important role in your login.

So when you register your account after visiting the website, it will show you the login option instead of showing the “Voter Information” option at the bottom. Then you will easily go to the next step to login and by logging in there you can login to your profile as many times as you want. Basically you will need your NID card number or voter form number to login.

Besides, your password will be asked and if you can save them in the automatic system, then when you log in later, all these saved information will be automatically filled there. So if you save the information, the information will be saved through the specific gmail and you can easily paste the saved information there without removing the information separately for logging in later.

Besides, there is an important function of captcha code and the captcha code you see will be different from time to time. So you should understand the captcha code well and if there are digits then you have to fill the digits and if English lowercase or uppercase letters are given then you have to fill it accordingly. So after login you can go to your profile and from there you can apply for reissue or apply for correction of information.

Moreover, the information about the paper laminating version of your NID card is available on the website and you can download it in the form of a PDF file with the smart ID card number by clicking on the download option. In this case, you can download as many times as you want and you can print it out and use it for various purposes after downloading it without any problem.

So login option can be used by those who have registered account earlier and if you have not registered account then you can do account registration anytime with your NID card number. We hope that through this post you have learned the important information about account registration and how to login. thank you

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