bd/nid-pub qr code

Since the official website called Service NID has been created, general public has been visiting here and downloading NID card pdf file and you have to follow certain rules for this task. When you visit the official website of Service NID, when you go to register an account, a QR code is shown there, so you must scan this QR code. Generally, many people do not understand the subject of QR code, we will clear your misconceptions about it on our website and let you know how you can download NID card by completing the work of QR code and entering NID wallet.

After registering the information, those who have to wait for a long time can easily download the NID card by visiting the official website called NID Service. As its number is more important than the original copy of the NID card, in most cases a copy is provided to carry out any official work. So when you don’t get NID card then download it from official website very easily and in this case you have to provide certain information. By using the above mentioned title you will visit the official website and after visiting there you will be asked to click on the first option that comes i.e. register option.

There you have to provide step by step information and the most important thing is your NID card number or voter formal number. If you fail to provide any of the information, you will not be able to open a profile for NID card or register an account. After entering your personal information or address information on the website, you will be directed to a page where you will be asked to download a software called NID Wallet. On the page where you will be given directions to download NID wallet, a QR code will be shown to you on the page and you must keep the screenshot of that QR code if you do it through your mobile phone.

Since this qr code has been saved in the gallery as a result of giving a screenshot, you can go there and crop only the part of the qr code. Because after entering the NID wallet, you can identify whose face you want to recognize through the key code and open it first after downloading the software called NID wallet. Once the download is complete, when you enter there, just scan the QR code selected from your gallery, it will tell you to follow the next steps very easily and go there to identify the ID card owner’s face.

Thus, QR code is very important in performing these tasks of ID card properly and you will be given the opportunity to open this profile on the basis of updating the information in the software by taking the information from the website and using the QR code. So follow the current rules and follow each step and if you do not understand any information in following that step then comment in the comment box of our website. You have to set a user ID and password to complete the tasks through the website of NID Wallet and later by logging in you can download your ID card as well as complete all the tasks of the NID card from there.

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