Today we will publish an important piece of information about the National Identity Card on our website for the general public living in Bangladesh and if you think this information is important to you then keep reading till the end. We know that National Identity Card is an identity card issued by the Government of Bangladesh and this identity card should be used as your final identity card.

So there is no way to duplicate or transfer it and it is a legally punishable offense. However, in order to preserve your National Identity Card or keep it at your own risk, you will always take it seriously and if anyone wants to verify the National Identity Card information online as per the convenience of the present time, then today’s post has been made for you.

However, there are many of you who want to be sure whether your national identity card is correct online or whether you can find your own national identity card online even after getting the national identity card in hand. So today we have discussed on our website the things that you can think of and if you can check your national identity card information online. If you want to verify the voter list information or voter information of the national identity card, you can check it from the official website as well as from the official website of the Ministry of Land.

It is not important to know whether your national identity card information is available online. Because every person’s National Identity Card information can be found on the official website and in this case if you need an online copy of National Identity Card or you need to download an online copy of National Identity Card then you can do this. Visits the official website and downloads and verifies the national identity card following all the rules and regulations.

To download your Voter ID Card or to verify Voter ID Card information, enter the official website of NID Service. If you need to verify your voter information there, scroll down and you will need to login. If you have already opened your profile there or opened your own profile and created a specific account with the user ID and password then you have to go to the login option and provide the user ID or national identity card number.

Then you have to go to your house and enter the password and provide the information about the date of birth and click on the option to verify your national identity card information. And if the profile is not open, then you do not have an account or click on the option to register and open the account by following the next step. All the steps you need to follow to open an account or profile will require your National Identity Card and if the mobile number you used along with the National Identity Card is enabled then the OTP code will be sent to that mobile number.

Put the OTP code in the right place and download the NID Wallet software along with providing the address information. Then bring the person whose national identity card information will be verified in front of the camera, take a picture by turning the face from right to left as per the instructions of the software and return to the website after finishing the work of the software.

From there, set a user ID and password, open a profile, enter your profile and go down to the download option to download your national identity card or verify every national identity card information.

There you will be provided with your personal information as well as other information and details about your address. I hope you have understood the correct rules for verifying the voter information of National Identity Card Voter ID Card and if there is any question in this regard then you can do it.

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