bd/nid-pub Fees 2023 সংশোধন বা উত্তোলনের ফি কত টাকা bd/nid-pub Fees 2023 সংশোধন বা উত্তোলনের ফি কত টাকা

Visit the official website called Service NID and read today’s post carefully to know how much application fee is fixed for any type of application or how much money needs to be paid for any type of application. Because we often do not do the voter ID card work through the official website called Service NID, many bad people take more money from us.

So, if you want to know how much application fee will be determined for the application for correction of information or application for registration of new voter information or any other type of application on the official website called Service NID, then I will teach you the correct rules. Because to verify this rule, the official website will help you with the correct information and know where to go to verify it.

Nowadays, many people have to correct their information or register new information due to mistakes in their voter ID cards. In this case, if you know the amount of application fee fixed for new registration or how much money is required to be paid by the government for correcting the information, then you can visit the computer service shop and spend the money accordingly. Moreover, there are some jobs which are very important and require a higher amount of money due to their short duration of work. In that case if you are provided with correct information then you can complete the work accordingly.

When you want to register new information by visiting the official website called Service NID, you have to click on this new information registration application option. After inputting every information correctly, when your deposit amount is shown as zero on the website, you have to pay the application fee of Tk 230 using any type of mobile banking or any other means. That is, you will have to pay a fee of Tk 230 for registering new information and in this case, if you do it from a computer service shop, they will charge a little more for their service fee.

Also, if you want to know about the application freeze for correction of information or the application fee for this issue, then know how to know the fee from here. Because in this case you have to apply accordingly by making proper payment on top of all the steps involved in accepting the application and speedy disposal of the application after accepting the application. While the application rules remain the same, the urgency of your application and how quickly it should be processed in other matters depends on the payment. So if you can know how much fee is fixed for general application or emergency application then you can spend money accordingly.

So for correcting or re-issuing the information Go to the official website by using this link After going here you first need to open profile to register voter ID card details or login to profile when correcting details. As the profile information is very nicely mentioned there, when you click on the edit option at the top right, you will be given the option to verify the fee. In that case you have to deposit the amount of application fee on the website through mobile banking which will be shown based on what kind of application you want to make and what kind of information you want to correct and provide other information.

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