Smart Card BD Download 2023

Smart Card BD Download 2023

For those who want to download smart card online, I will teach all the people who have registered their information as citizens of Bangladesh how to download smart ID card. Actually you can download the paper laminating version of all ID cards that have smart ID card number even if you can’t download it in Smart ID card format by visiting the website. As voter ID card plays a very important role in our life and when we have to provide ID card information as personal identity we need to collect this information as very important. So follow the rules below and collect the smart ID card information and download the paper laminating version website just like the smart ID card.

Since a lot of time has passed to register the information and it has not been possible to provide smart ID card to many, the official website called Service NID has launched this system so that you can download the voter ID card by entering the correct information by visiting the website. So, in today’s post, I will tell you all the rules you have to follow to download the paper laminating version from the website, including the 10-digit number of the smart ID card. By following this rule you can easily download the PDF file of all voter ID card containing smart id card number by using voter slip number or voter id card number.

However, before downloading the ID card, if you can pre-download a software called NID from the Play Store, then your work will progress to a great extent. Also the face of the person downloading the voter ID card must be identified in his presence so that the website can recognize it and allow you to download the ID card. So to download Smart ID Card You have to go to the official website using this link and click on register option there. It will be very convenient for you as this option is available on the first page of the home page and you must provide the voter form number or ID card number instead of the voter information on the next page.

Then you must go down and fill the date of birth and captcha code matching the information you have registered in the voter ID card. After that you will go to the next page where your address will be asked and you will have to provide the correct information from each information section to the local level. In this way you will go to the next page and after completing the task of each page you will do the information or rules that are asked to follow on the next page. Especially for receiving sms click on the send message option where the number will be shown or you can change the number and receive the message.

After placing the code received through SMS on the website, the NID wallet will have to recognize the person’s face and return to the website after completing the work there. Then you set the unique username there and confirm it by setting the password. Hope you have understood that through this post and thus when you can open a profile, a profile will be created with the photo taken at the time of taking your voter id card photo. After that, you can download the paper laminating version of the smart ID card by going down from your profile and clicking on the download option.

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