Smart Card BD Online Copy

Smart Card BD Online Copy

Currently it is possible to download online copy of smart card if you want to download it or collect ID card with smart card number then follow below rules. At present, the important work related to ID card is being done very easily from the official website called Service NID and the smart ID card is being downloaded as a PDF file. Since the requirement of ID card is very much in real life, if you can keep the voter formal number after registering that information or if you want to download the PDF file of the voter ID card even after having the number, then I will tell you to follow the following specific rules.

As we always provide you with proper directions for downloading Voter ID Card, you can download it accordingly and provide copies after downloading its PDF file for various purposes. Voter ID card related tasks are currently provided by Bangladesh Election Commission Service NID official website and there we are able to download voter ID card PDF by creating account.

Although it is not possible to download the ID card from here in the smart ID card format, the paper limited version of the voter ID card containing the smart ID card number can be downloaded. Since the ID card number is more important than the format, I think it would be best if you can download it by following these rules.

So create a profile by visiting the official website of Service NID which we will provide you to download voter ID card. Here is the link . This is Service NID official website link and I think you can download voter id card by entering here. But before downloading the voter ID card, first of all you should search and download a software called NID wallet from play store and since the service is an official software of NID, it has a lot of work and here you have to scan the QR code. Moreover, through facial recognition, it will be verified whether the actual voter ID card owner is downloading it and based on that, the PDF file will be provided.

So when you go to download voter ID card, you will definitely get the option to provide your voter ID card number or voter form number by clicking on register option. Date of birth, captcha code, address information has to be provided step by step and we have to ensure that the information matches the information we provided during registration. Then you can complete these very easily and click on the send message option to get the OTP code on the mobile number that you provided while registering the ID card information or you can change the number.

After that, you have to complete the tasks of NID Wallet software and if the voter ID card whose face you recognize by going to NID Wall is the original owner, then you must come back to the website and ask you to set the user ID and password. In this case, when you will be able to create a profile by setting the user ID and password, you will see that a profile with the photo that was taken during the registration of the ID card information has been registered and you can download your voter ID card by going to the download option.

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