Smart nid Card Download

Smart nid Card Download BD

Those who are currently registering information for voter ID card of Bangladesh can later follow the rules to download smart NID card based on that information registration. Because after registering the information it takes a lot of time to provide it, we may not be able to do many important tasks due to not having a smart NID card.

But when the smart NID card remains with you, you can avail various facilities with it and you will be given priority in various institutional functions thanks to the ID card. So all the persons who have registered the information who have not received the smart ID card till now should follow the below rules to download the paper laminating version containing the smart ID card number from the website.

To complete the work of ID card we have to provide number and especially ID card number is very important if we can collect 10 digital numbers of smart ID card then it will be very good for us. When your ID card number is given in providing the voter identity of a particular area, if any doubt arises in that case, the voter information can be verified with the number. Collecting the ID card is very important and if you can follow all the rules that we will ask you to follow in collecting the ID card then you can download it by visiting the official website of Service NID.

We are the first to those who visit our website to download Voter ID Card or Smart ID Card I will tell you to use this link In case of using this link you must go to the official website of Service NIT and there I will tell you to click on the first option to open a profile. However, as you will need the ID card number to download the ID card, instead of it you can provide the voter formal number that you got during the information registration. You can use any of the information in the information as an alternative and failure to provide any of them will not be possible.

In this way, you will complete the tasks on the first page properly and you will get the opportunity to select all the information related to the information of your voter area by going to the next page through the option. After providing the polling area information, you can see a number on the next page and click on the send message option to receive a message on this number.

If that number is not active, then because there is an option to receive messages even after changing the number, collect the 6-digit OTP code from 105 number on the mobile phone and record it on the website. After that, when you go to the next page, there is an important task and that is NID Wallet from Play Store. Download the software called and identify the person’s CM there.

That is, the face of the person who came here to collect the voter ID card or smart ID card should be shown there and if the software recognizes this person as a real person then it will ask you to come back to the profile. After returning to the profile, you can open the profile by using the user ID and password and when your own profile is created, you can find the download option from there. As soon as you click on the download option, you will be given the opportunity to download it in PDF file form and use the official website of NID service to download the NID card.

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