Voter Tottho Check

Voter Tottho Check

Many people do not know whether it is necessary to verify the voter ID card even after receiving it and for this they cannot check the voter information by entering the website. However, in today’s post, you will read this post to know whether your voter information is correct or whether your voter information has been recorded on the website. We will discuss how to check the information of every voter living in Bangladesh by entering the official website.

In today’s age of information and communication technology, today’s post has been made so that everyone can get an idea about the official website and check through their personal documents or information website. Since the voter ID card is a person’s final identity card and through this identity card you can perform various organizational tasks as well as disclose your identity to others. .

If the voter ID card is issued from the Upazila Server Station or through the Rice Councilor in charge of your area, then think that it is absolutely authentic and there is no scope for any kind of fraud in this case. Moreover, when you check the information of the voter ID card in your hand through the official website, you will understand that it is actually authentic and laminated to you just like what is written on the website.

Moreover, now that everyone has the benefit of having an Android handset, you will do your own thing and when you check the voter information, a kind of peace of mind will work in your mind that your information is available on the website. However, the needs of each one of you are different and based on that we will discuss how to check the voter information on our website today.

Check your voter information to make sure your name, voter ID card information, or other information is available on the website. So the official website that you have to enter is the name of the official website service nid. After entering this official website, if you get the option called Voter Information Check by clicking on the menu option in the upper right, then check there and provide your National Identity Card number and date of birth.

Then you can check your voter information by clicking on the submit button by leaving the clear number or letter given below. If in any case you have not got any option called Voter Information then I will ask you to check another official website and this is also an official website of the Ministry of Land of the Government of Bangladesh. Many may wonder if there is any need to enter the official website of the Ministry of Land to check the voter information.

Since you want to check your voter information and since it is an official government website your information can be found here and since your purpose is to check the information since it is an official website. The official website address of the Ministry of Land of Bangladesh is When you enter this official website, you will find an option called Citizen Corner.

After entering there, you will see all the options, from there click on the option called Land Development Tax in Bengal and go to the next page. Once there you may once again get an option called Citizen Corner or if you don’t get it a form will appear in front of you where you have to input information. Use a phone number to enter this information and enter this mobile number with the number that was used to create your national identity card.

Then fill out the form with your National Identity Card number below and the date of birth in the fields below. Now if there is a vague captcha fill it out and by clicking on submit button an SMS will come to your phone and you can enter the OTP number you got through this SMS by leaving the OTP number in the blank field. This way you can go to the next page and from there you will be able to see every detail of your national identity card.

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