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www nid gov bd com 2023 services.nidw.gov.bd

As all the work of NID card is being completed through the official website at present, its official website address is used in the title. At present, the common people are able to perform important tasks by inputting some information through the official website instead of going to the election commission office at the upazila or police station level and waiting for day after day to complete each task.

So by visiting the official website of NID govt bd in 2023 we can inform you what works are being done or what kind of features this website has launched if we can follow what work can be done. We always provide you with correct information to solve any problem related to NID card so you can know it and act accordingly.


When you visit the official website of Service NID, first of all you are told to register an account there. If your NID card information is registered and if you are given voter formal number then you can create a NID card profile on your own by following the rules of the official website. By creating your own profile, you can download the PDF file of your NID card there and use its copy for any purpose. You can download the NID card information by following the instructions given by using the official website of Service NID.

If someone has wrong NID card information then to correct it you have to open the profile and in opening the profile go to register account option. You will be asked to create a profile if you go to the account registration not done option and when you can create the profile, you can go to the edit profile option to check the fees and request to correct the information. As there is facility of paying application fee through online, you just submit it online and you will be notified through SMS once your NID card is corrected.

If anyone wants to see voter details of NID card or check voter details then this official website will provide you that opportunity. The way to collect the NID card number with the voter form number and the voter information of the ID card can be viewed on the website, so you will go to the voter information option. So to know NID card information, you visit the website and provide your date of birth and vote format information, when you search, the detailed information of your NID card will be shown there.

Such applications can be made as there is an opportunity to register information or download or collect NID card again. By visiting the official website of NID card, you can go there to register the new information and provide all the information you need. It is mandatory to provide the details of all the rooms which have given red color star symbol, you must provide the details and submit them online, then you will be notified through SMS to take biometrics fingerprint and photograph. All NID related tasks can be solved or completed within the website so you can visit our website and save your valuable time.

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