How Many Sim Registered on My Nid Bd

How Many Sim Registered on My Nid Bd 2023

For the convenience of respected customers, it is being informed that those of you who want to know the number of registered SIMs with NID card must understand the detailed information once through this post. Because I will ask you to follow the rules below to find out if any unwanted SIM has been registered with your NID card or if any SIM has been registered which is unknown to you.

If in this case any unwanted number has been registered with your NID, then definitely cancel it and you can keep all the SIMs you want to activate by providing the information with this NID card. So this information has been given in detail for you below and based on this information you can know exactly how many prepaid and postpaid SIM registrations have been completed with your NID card.

From 2018 we started registering information through voter ID card very easily depending on the rules of Digital Bangladesh. Moreover, various types of personal information are registered in one’s name with the voter ID card and directions are given to cancel all SIM cards that have been introduced in Bangladesh. That is, earlier only by providing the ID card number, the SIM card could be purchased and later, if the announcement is made that you have to buy this SIM card by providing the fingerprint through the biometrics method, everyone can go to their respective SIM card specific biometrics point and complete the registration.

Generally, many dishonest people have duplicated your fingerprints during SIM registration using biometrics method so that it is convenient for them to do different types of registration according to their needs. In this case, if someone uses that SIM card using your fingerprint and National Identity Card number, and if any kind of fraud or criminal activity is involved through that SIM card, then you have to accept the responsibility. So, for your own safety and to live socially, you can easily check at home if any other person’s information has been provided on your SIM card or if any other SIM has been registered with your National ID card information.

As we are presenting this information to you, you can check the information of each member of your family as well as know it. Then you can easily change the ownership of this SIM card or those SIM cards that do not need to be changed will remain registered in your own name. If you understand that a SIM card is unknown to you and no one among your relatives has it, then you must understand that someone else has registered your SIM with the number of your national identity card using the biometrics method.

So to ensure overall safety you need to follow proper rules so that you don’t face such problems and you don’t get into trouble with any kind of police. Because if it happens and any kind of criminal activity is done by your registered SIM it is very important and can be serious and crime you can have a lot of problems. So through this post, as we are teaching you this system, you can check how many sims registered with your NID card and how many you have, completely free of cost, by using your NID card number at home.

In fact, to know how much SIM registration has been done with the NID card number, you will not have any trouble as I will tell you to follow a very simple rule and you will also understand it in simple terms. So when we are explaining these things to you through this post, I think you must be reading carefully and you will understand at the end how many SIM cards have been registered by following simple rules. Actually it is an SMS system and if you click on a certain button by dialing a certain code and NID card number, an SMS will come to your phone and show how many SIMs have been registered with that NID card.

In this case, to know how many sims have been registered, you have to go directly to the dialpad of your mobile phone and go to that dialpad and dial *16001#. That is, if the SIM active in your phone is registered with the NID card number of a member of your family, then that number must be used there, and if it is registered using your NID card number, then you must also use your NID card number there.

That is, to know how many SIM registrations have been done, first of all you have to dial the code mentioned above and after dialing it, select the specific SIM and then ask to provide a 4-digit NID card number. No matter how many digits your NID card number is, you will directly input the last four digits in that particular dial pad. But in this case, it is better to say that if the specific SIM has been registered with the NID card number that you will provide, then you will be able to get the correct information. Therefore, the last four digits of the NID card number of the NID card number registered with the SIM card that has been dialed by selecting the SIM card must be input.

When you click on the send button, you will see that your application is being processed and the SIM operator will inform you about this by sending an SMS to your phone within few seconds. In this case, besides covering your NID card number with a star symbol, the number of registered SIMs and the details of which numbers have been registered will be given below. Although the number of each SIM card will not be mentioned completely and in this case you can see the first three digits and the last three digits of the SIM card.

That is, the middle five digits will be covered with a star symbol and you can see the last three digits to know if this SIM number is known to you or if this SIM number is currently being used by a member of your family. Hope that through this post you understand how many sims are registered by using NID card number and by using specific dial code. If you have any problem to understand even after explaining so simply, then if you write in the comment box, we will give you more detailed information accordingly and of course you can give your valuable opinion by commenting.

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