National Id Card Online Copy

National Id Card Online Copy

All the people of Bangladesh who have crossed the age of 18 years have to register their information through Bangladesh Election Commission and collect NID card. But many people have been put off by the fact that smart copy of NID card will be issued for several years and you may not get this NID card even after a long time has passed.

So if we tell you how to get National ID card online then you can collect it in PDF file form and those who are not able to do much without NID card information can do the work by providing the information. So through this post we will tell you how to download NID card online and we think that we are going to provide you with a lot of important information through this post, there is no easier way to collect important information related to NID card.

Those who can’t do anything in private ownership without NID card or can’t make anything in their own name, maybe the need of this NID card is immense. Therefore, Bangladesh Election Commission through the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is constantly doing these tasks, so it is working very quickly to complete the previous pending tasks. However, if original documents are not available, paper laminating version is being provided online so you can download it anytime and it is best if you provide voter slip information at least six months after registration. .

As we have provided information about downloading NID card to you earlier, so today we will also provide information through this post so that it is easy for you to understand it. For example I always provide the paper laminating version of my NID card information and can do a variety of tasks from land registration to SIM card purchase or various private ownership. So without worrying more about the NID card, you must save the documents that will be provided to you after registering the information or the voter format serial number will be provided with serious care.

If any information needs to be corrected in your NID card, we are also informing you about it. However, since the topic of today’s post is to download NID card online copy, before downloading it, we will ask you to download the software called NID Word from Play Store. Through this software operated by the Election Commission of Bangladesh, those who will download NID card should show their face and if the website or the software can detect that person’s face then provide opportunity to download NID card.

That is, from this we understand that if someone needs to download NID card information then no other person can intervene here and since there is no such opportunity you have to follow each and every rule step by step. So as we are telling you these things about downloading NID card, now we will tell you how to go and collect online copy of NID card. To collect your online copy
I will tell you to use this link and by using this link you can directly visit the official website of Service NID of Bangladesh Election Commission.

Bangladesh NID Application System

After visiting, the first option you will get i.e. Register if you don’t have an account will be shown in front of you. As you have to register your account with your NID card information, when you can open the account registration or profile, you can download your NID card by going to the download option through the Bangladesh Election Commission. So, as soon as you click on the register option, the page that will appear in front of you will provide the serial number of the voter form because you do not have your NID card. Voter Format Serial Form you got when you registered the information and from there the number given to you through the slip should be recorded on the website.

If you have the NID card number collected in some way, then it can be used and fill the date of birth information that is being asked for below step by step by providing any of the two information. You must follow the correct rules while providing date of birth information and understand the captcha code shown on the first page of the website and provide it correctly. Thus, when you complete the work of the first page, when you can go to the next page, you will have to provide your permanent address information again and you will have the opportunity to provide the permanent address that you provided during the information registration through the option.

Again, when you click on the next page, a mobile number will be shown in front of you and you have to receive an SMS on that mobile number by using the send message option. Then, if there is a system to collect SMS to the mobile number that is shown there, click on send message option. And if that number is not known or if that SIM card is no longer in use, then if you change the number and click on the send message option, the 6-digit OTP code will come to your phone. Then you have to record that OTP code and on the next page you will be shown the detailed idea about the QR code.

I will ask you to keep the qr code here with a screenshot and the link provided to download NID wallet has already been explained to you, so you will directly open the NID wallet software. After completing these steps, when you come back here, you will be asked to set a unique user ID and password. However, NID must provide the correct direction to the person whose face is to be detected in the wallet so that the person can turn his head from right to left.

By setting a unique user ID and password, you go a long way in opening the profile and by providing the latest information, when your profile is created, you will see that your picture is displayed there. As the picture with name and detailed profile is shown there, you can click on the download option below the detailed profile and the online copy of your NID card PDF will be downloaded. It is not printed out so you can use it for any purpose and without any problem you can meet the NID card requirements in your daily life.

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