Nid Correction Form Download Online Bd

Nid Correction Form Download Online Bd 2023

If any informational mistake is noticed in NID card then it should be corrected very quickly as it is a very important matter. Because in daily life if we want to take any kind of official privileges or join the work field then NID card copy or important information needs to be provided. In this case, if the information of NID card does not match with your birth registration certificate and all educational certificates, then you must correct the information.

I would like to tell those of you who want to get the form to correct the information that there is no need to fill the form by hand and submit it to the server station as the information is being submitted online. Online submission of the form will be accepted and you will be updated to inform that it has been corrected and you will later receive the revised NID card from the upazila server station.

We have repeatedly explained to you that while registering NID card information, you have to register information with birth registration certificate and educational qualification certificate. Moreover, parents’ NID card information should be provided so that no mistakes are made.

There are many people whose parents’ names in the birth registration certificate and certificate match, but their parent’s voter ID card does not match, and in this case, you are often in trouble and ask how to correct it. So to solve any kind of problem you can enter the website and go to the edit option and apply by writing the correct information.

At present we are being provided this service through an official website called Bangladesh Election Commission Service NID, so we can do important work on NID card at home or correct the information. But if you feel it download and fill the form then of course

Go to the website by visiting this link and go to the menu option and you will be shown the download option. If you go to the download option, you will get the NID card information correction form and you can submit it to the handwritten upazila server station as well as you will be given the opportunity to provide the information online.

So if your home has a good internet connection or a computer system, then it is best to submit the application online instead of going to the upazila server station and submitting the application in the crowd. However, as we are presenting this information to you in this regard, you must visit the above mentioned link to get the application form, you must use the above link to apply online.

We will inform you about these things when you apply online and when you apply online you first need to register an account. There are several steps in registering an account and here we will briefly discuss the difficult steps. Especially if you are using the mobile number that will be shown there and instructions will be given for sending the SMS, then you must click on the send message option and also record the SMS on the phone on the website.

But if you don’t use that number, use a current number so that by using that number, you can receive SMS on your phone and use that number. Then I will discuss about the QR code and you will take the screenshot and after taking the screenshot, enter your gallery and keep only that part cropped and download the software called NID Wallet.

Bangladesh NID Application System

After downloading the NID wallet software, you have to scan the QR code and show the face of the person who is downloading the NID card or for whom the profile is being opened.

Your tasks will be completed as soon as the face is shown and you must create a complete profile by setting a unique username or password to login to the website, you can apply for correction of information by entering your own profile.

By entering your profile you will be shown three types of information and select the correct option if you need to change personal information or address information or if you need to change other information.

After opening a profile in this way, when you want to correct the information, go to the information room that needs to be corrected and click on the edit option on the upper right side, and you will get the opportunity to correct each information manually. So select all the information that you need to correct and enter the correct information by ticking the blank box and you will be asked to deposit money when you go to the next page.

That is, according to the type of your application, the amount shown as the application fee should be paid through any payment option through mobile banking. When you complete the payment of the specified amount, come back to the website and scroll the page, then the money deposit will be shown there and go to the next page. will be This way you can do the payment related tasks if you want and in this case

Make payments using either Rocket or Bikash. You must provide these details correctly as we are providing you with correct information for making the payment. Now the important thing you will have to do is to upload the necessary documents on the website that you have corrected the information whether you are correcting fictitious information or correcting the information accordingly.

The most important documents required for correction of information is that you have to upload all the supporting documents that you submit in terms of what you are correcting. If you fail to submit the necessary supporting documents for correction of information, it will never be corrected and your application fee and corrected error will remain the same.

Therefore, you have to attach the necessary documents and in this case, you have to upload the summary of the application form in the specific resolution that the website has asked you to upload. If there is no mistake then the application form will be uploaded on the official website of Bangladesh Election Commission.

Later, based on your other documents, the ones you want to correct will be corrected after checking whether they are really suitable for correction and send the revised NID card to the upazila server station after paying the application fee. So, as these tasks can be done online, instead of downloading the NID card information correction form, you can know the correct rules here, so follow the above rules to correct the NID card information.

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