Tin Certificate Download by Nid Number

Tin Certificate Download by Nid Number

If you have created a certificate for Texpair Identification Number then that certificate can be downloaded again by visiting the specified website as it is in your collection. For those of you who want to download teen certificate, today we will tell you how to download teen certificate with NID card number through this post.

Depending on the specific amount of assets, when generating the teen certificate as per the government rules, it should be made by mentioning everything from your occupation. But all those who have generated tin certificate earlier should follow their rules if they want to generate again or download your previous team certificate.

If this certificate is pre-generated then you just need to download it by following certain procedures and you can provide original copy of it in all the institutional work where it is asked from you. Since the team certificate is very important, you must remember the user id and password used to collect this certificate. Those of you who could not remember the user ID to download the teen certificate, may want to know whether it can be downloaded with the NID card number or is there any rule in this regard.

At present, the website that has to be visited to collect this certificate is the link of the website
https://secure.incometax.gov.bd/TINHome. By using this link, when you can go to the page of the official website, you will see various options, but first of all you have to go to the login option because you have created or collected three certificates. And if no one has generated teen certificate then you have to go to registration option and you have to generate this certificate based on providing all the required information. But in most cases everyone wants to download later and you may not be able to download it because you don’t remember the user id and password.

Following the rules of the website you have to use user id and password to download it here and login through it. You must use the User ID to log in and if you do not remember the User ID then you must contact the helpline to collect it. However, apart from all these problems, we can now download the three certificates again by going to a new website. That website address or link is https://etaxnbr.gov.bd/#/landing-page.

After going to this website, select the second option among all the options available in front of you. That is, if you click on the option called e-return, you will be taken to the next page and asked to follow some other rules to download the teen certificate. In that case, if you have collected your teen certificate number, then you will be given permission to login by providing that and password and filling the captcha code on the website.

Then when you can complete the login like this, then if you click on the tin certificate option, this certificate will be shown in front of you and if you press Control P through the computer, it will be downloaded. So we clearly understood from here that it is not possible to download teen certificate with NID card number.

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