How to Check Nid Number Sim Registration

How to Check Nid Number Sim Registration 2023

If you are going to buy a SIM card to use in your own mobile then you have to buy it by giving voter ID card number and fingerprint in biometrics method. There are many family members who do not have voter ID card so they use NID card of parents or other family members and buy SIM card through their fingerprint.

However, since each SIM operator has a specific obligation to purchase a SIM or there is an opportunity to purchase a certain number of SIM cards, you can purchase that amount of SIM cards. Now if you are wondering how many SIM cards you have registered with that operator and how many SIM cards your NID card has been used for registration then it can be known. You must follow the rules below to get the detailed breakdown of how many SIMs have been registered with the NID card.

Due to the various problems caused by unregistered SIMs in the country and many people have been cheated and threatened by it, the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has brought everyone under this type of cybercrime. In addition, every SIM card should have a specific NID to prevent such problems from occurring later. This arrangement is made for card registration. By doing this, if someone has purchased a SIM card, then registration must be done with the NID card number and without the NID card number and fingerprint, the SIM card cannot be used in active state.

So when it came to sim card registration with NID card and fingerprint, everyone did it so that your active sim doesn’t get blocked. Moreover, because you have registered SIM cards of many family members with a certain NID card at that time, you may not be able to buy a SIM card now for your urgent needs. In this case, if you want to know how many SIM cards have been purchased, then of course if we inform you about that, it will play a very important role for you. Because if you know the information about the SIM card number and the amount of usage of your NID card, you can use it for the right purpose and in this case you can cancel the registration of your unknown number.

When the biometric point was created for SIM card registration and you registered it biometrically from there at different places, you often had to provide fingerprints multiple times. Generally when you provide photocopy of NID card or number then fingerprint will be required once even if your number remains there. But if the tab is not working or because of some other problem, if it takes your fingerprint multiple times, then you should understand that it is most of the time that they have registered the SIM cards they need.

In this case, if you have registered any other SIM card through your NID card number and fingerprint, if the owner of that SIM card has used it and if any criminal activity has been committed by him, then you will be responsible for registering with your document. Even if your information is used during registration, other people are using it and because they have no fear, if they use it for any criminal act, then you have to face the police district and say that your SIM card is registered with NID card, it is on you. Responsibility will come.

There are many people in the village who do not know much about the use of this advanced technology tab or the use of registration. They may have given the NID card number and gone away with the fingerprint as asked. But some unscrupulous traders have used it to the extent that many may suffer. So if you as a conscious citizen have registered the SIM card of your family member or you or any person you know, then you have a chance to know how many SIMs have been registered by using the NID card number with which you have registered. Be sure to check it out to increase your awareness.

In this case, if you see that other sims have been registered with your NID card number and those numbers are not being used by any of your acquaintances or family members, then you must cancel the registration of the sim cards. In this you will be completely worry free and you will not have any responsibility if any kind of crime is organized by that SIM card and if the registration is cancelled, the SIM card will be closed automatically. So we are doing these things to provide you protection in life considering all aspects and we believe that many people are benefited by it.

Apart from checking this information online, you can also check it through SMS and know about the amount of SIM card registration with your NID card number. In this case, you will not be confused as beautiful and correct information will be provided and you can cancel the registration of the SIM cards that are registered in your name besides checking the ones that you are not using. In this case, you have to take your NID card number to the SIM operator and cancel the registration of your SIM card by filling up an application form by providing more information, you and your family can be safe.

The last four digits of the NID card used for SIM card registration will be required and if you can use the last four digits then it can be checked very easily. First of all you have to go to dial option of mobile phone and go there you must dial *16001#. As soon as you dial this number, a blank cell will appear in front of you and in the blank cell you have to write the last four digit number of the nid card with which you have registered that SIM. Enter last four digits of N ID card accurately and click on send option.

Then when you click on the send option, your request will be in processing status. Within a few seconds, an SMS will be sent to your phone and the number of the NID card will be covered with a star symbol in the same way that the registered SIM numbers will be covered with a star symbol in the middle. That is, even if all the information of the registered SIMs is given there, you have to see the first three digits and the last three digits of that SIM card to recognize whether they are being used by you or your family members. We hope that through this post you have got the right idea about how many sims are registered with your NID card.

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